SeabeansOnce in a while the 52-week challenge introduces us to something that none of us have tried.  Like sea beans.  I bought them on impulse when I saw them at the store, having never heard of them, but intrigued by their bright green color.  After doing some quick research I found out that despite their name, they actually don’t come from the sea, but are carried there by freshwater streams. 

ME: “What is this called again?  I can’t remember. “

LAUREN: “Sea beans!”

ME: “What does it look like?”

LAUREN: “It looks like sea plants growing out of the water.”

SAM: “This one looks like a shark.”

SAM: “If you bend it down it looks like a rainbow.”

LAUREN: “A spiky rainbow.”

ME: “If you shake them do they make a noise?”

LAUREN: “It makes a slop-slop.  But if you do it too hard it breaks.”

ME: “What does it smell like?”

LAUREN: “Mine smells like beautiful flowers.”

ME: “Mine smells like salami.”

LAUREN: “That’s because you just ate salami.  You have slimy salami hands.”

ME: “What does it taste like?”

LAUREN: “Hmmmm.”

ME: “I’m going to go for a leaf.  WHOA.  That does NOT taste like I thought it was going to taste.”

LAUREN: “I thought it was going to taste like lettuce but it tastes like plants that have sea salt on them.”

ME: “It tastes like seawater.”

LAUREN: “Don’t eat the bottom, it doesn’t taste very good.”

ME: “So what do you guys think?  Are you into it?”

LAUREN: “Not really.”

SAM: [Spitting it out] “Yuck.”

ME: “I agree.  I do not like that AT all.  Nasty.  Sorry.  Didn’t say that.”

LAUREN: “Right.”

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