EggsOnSaladI’ve stopped counting the number of eggs I eat in a day.  It’s grotesque.  But you just can’t beat them for their portability and nutritional punch.  I keep them in my fridge, hard-boiled and wrapped in their protective shell, ready and waiting for those times when my stomach gets a little bitchy and starts growling at me to get her some grub or else….Well, I don’t know what the “or else” would be, but she has the ability to throw off my whole program if I go too long without feeding her.

Strangely enough, Tim Ferriss of the 4-Hour Workweek fame, seems to have a similar affinity for eggs, which I’ve learned from his incessant promotion of his latest book, the 4-Hour Chef.  Who knew the guy could cook.  I guess if he’s spending the other 164 hours of his week practicing Tango in Bolivia, body-building on Venice Beach and learning his 19th language, cooking ought to factor somewhere.  If you want to know more about Tim Ferriss and his eggs, you can check out his YouTube videos where he does odd things to them, like using baking soda to blow hard-boilers out of their shells. From the cheery confines of his dimly-lit kitchen where he may or may not be storing roadkill in his cabinets, you can catch a glimpse of Tim doing what he does best: smugly rocking your world.  Seriously, I have to try the hard-boiled egg trick.  It may be game-changing.

However, the goal of this post is not to talk about Tim Ferriss, but rather, my lunch.  I’ve made this meal a few times now, and each time I’m surprised by how good it is.  I’ve searched around online, and it seems that my idea is hardly novel: to top a puckeringly-bright green salad with scrambled eggs.  But somehow it feels original, even in its simplicity.

So here’s the deal, please don’t make me write down a recipe because after the lox episode, I felt like I was questioning your ability to boil water, and that’s clearly not the case.  Just grab some of those packaged, pre-washed salad greens that are up there with the other genius inventions of the 21st century, like the iPhone and the Segway.  Apparently the Large Hadron Collider is too, but when have you used one of those recently? Douse those greens with olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, and let them sit while you quickly scramble up some eggs.  I know, I know, low and slow is best for scrambled eggs, but who’s going to criticize?  Combine your greens and the eggs, and Booyah!  Why did that phrase feel so right?  I never use it.  First Tim, now Jim, infiltrating this chaste little blog.  Things are going horribly wrong already.

And I know what you’re thinking.  You may not be impressed by this dish at first blush.  “I eat this every time we go out for brunch”, you may chide.  No, my dear lady/sir, you don’t.  This is not a run-of-the-mill diner plate of scrambled eggs with some wilted greens on the side.  This is a massive bowl of fresh organic greens with not-from-a-bottle vinaigrette, topped with soft scrambled eggs.  Something magical happens when the warm eggs hit those greens- the dressing wakes up, the eggs soak in the vinaigrette, and you’re left with a bowl of heavenly goodness.  And if your bitchy stomach is anything like mine, she’ll finally stop complaining.

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