PomeloThe pomelo is a citrus fruit, not unlike grapefruit, tart and juicy.  You may be surprised when you peel it though- the pith is insanely thick.  So thick that despite the kids scarfing it down, I don’t know if I’ll try it again.  Too much work.

ME: “Alright guys, what is this thing?”

SAM: “A big chunky bammy.”

LAUREN: “A pommie?”

ME: “No, a po-me-lo!  Feet off the counter please.”

ME: “What does it smell like?”

ME: “You guys really know how to scratch your citrus.”

LAUREN: “It smells like apple to me.”

SAM: “Wheeeouw, a pomegram!”

LAUREN: “Scratch it really well until you feel it scratching.”

SAM: “It smells like a pomegram.”

ME: “What do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?”

LAUREN: “I think it’s going to look like a sunset color.  Like orange and yellow like fire. And you mix them together and you get a sunset.”

ME: “Want to see what it’s going to look like inside?  Here we go!”

LAUREN: “Well I think it’s going to look like just really yellow or red.”

ME: “So, let’s see, I think I need a smaller knife.  Man there is a lot of rind in this thing.”

LAUREN: “Oh, some of it is a sunset color!”

SAM: “Woohoo, up into the sky!”

ME: “Who’s ready for a slice?”

SAM: “Reddish orange, wowsy dowsy.”

LAUREN: “I bet it’s in the orange family.”

SAM: “I lifted it up!”

EMMA: “Uh, nummy?”

LAUREN: “Yum, it really does taste like orange.”

LAUREN: “I ate my whole thing, I love it.  Can I have more?”

EMMA: “More please.”

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