broccolirabeI don’t think just-picked broccoli rabe should have so many yellow flowers; from my quick web research it seems like flowering broccoli rabe means that it’s older and more bitter.  I didn’t really notice the difference to be honest, broccoli rabe usually tastes bitter to me, flowering or not.  But I like bitter greens.  Surprisingly, Lauren was into it.  Sam loved the fact that he got to say the word rob.  Like the broccoli was being held up at gunpoint and being asked to hand over its purse.  Dinosaurs, muggings, whatever works to get this little guy to eat his veggies.  It all works for me.

ME: What’s this called?

LAUREN: Peppermint stick?

ME: Nope.

LAUREN: Broccoli?

ME: Almost, broccoli……rabe!


ME: Yeah, like I’m going to rob you.

SAM: Don’t say the “rob” word.

ME: Some of the stems are a little woody, OK, but here’s a piece.

ME: What does it look like?

SAM: I want dinner.

LAUREN: It looks like real flowers.

ME: What does it look like Emma?

EMMA: A ting.

ME: Like a thing? That’s right.

ME: What does it smell like?

LAUREN: It smells like greens.

ME: What does it taste like?

SAM: Broccoli.

ME: Tastes a bit like broccoli?

LAUREN: Yeah, it does!

ME: Does it taste exactly the same as broccoli?  Or a little bit different?

LAUREN: A little bit different.

SAM: Different.

EMMA: I don’t wike it.

LAUREN: A little of the same too.  I like it raw.

ME: Do you want to try it raw?


SAM: I ate a flower?

ME: That’s not a flower, that’s the bud.  Now don’t go eating flowers off the street, OK?

EMMA: Waw (raw).

ME: You liked the raw flower Emma?

SAM: I don’t like the raw.  Yuk, (gagging noises)

ME: So should we get broccoli rabe again?

SAM: Robbie rob.

ME: Don’t say the rob word.

SAM: (snickers)

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