fennelMaybe Lauren has been spending too much time with Ronald McDonald.  That just sounded really creepy.  Let me re-phrase:  Why did Lauren have the word Ronald in her head?  Fennel is not Ronald.  Ronald is not fennel.  Neither is Reynold.  This is slowly turning into a man-walks-into-a-bar type of joke, or a management consulting interview case.  Either way, it’s not working.  But fennel wasn’t a hit.  Maybe because it tasted like Ronald.  That sounded creepier.  You know, I’m going to shut this down because we’re not making any progress here.  We were all smarter before fennel entered the picture.  Too bad, because I really like it.

ME: What’s this called?

SAM: Rugula!

ME: Nope, who else has a guess?

LAUREN: What? Reynold….Ronald…

LAUREN: Reynold Ronald?

ME: No, it’s not a Reynold.

LAUREN: A Ronald?

ME: Nope, Sam?

SAM: Rugala.

ME: It’s called fennel guys.

ME: What do you think it looks like?

SAM: Rugala.

SAM: A dynamite.

ME: I think it looks like celery.

LAUREN: So if you do this (bending it), it kind of looks like a face and a long nose.

ME: Yeah, it kind of looks like Gru (from Despicable Me)

ME: What do you think it tastes like?

SAM: Celery.

SAM: Can I jump on it?

LAUREN: It tastes like sweet rainbows.

ME: I think it tastes like black licorice.

SAM: It tastes like nothing.

ME: Is that a good taste or a bad taste?

SAM: Bad taste.

ME: But you ate the whole thing?

ME: What do you think Emma?

EMMA: (Sputters)

ME: Emma, you’re eating the fronds.

LAUREN: I kind of think it tastes like bamboo.

ME: Sam, what do you think it tastes like? Bamboo or something different?

SAM: Bamboo.

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