passion_fruit 003There’s a big difference between ripe passion fruit and the not-quite ripe variety. Which goes without saying. But with something like a banana you can muscle it out – peel back the greenish skin, chew a little harder, and it’s tolerable. With passion fruit, a nearly-ripe fruit is so puckeringly tart that it’s almost inedible. Which is a long-winded way of saying that the kids need to give passion fruit another chance. Because really, there isn’t a fruit on this planet that smells or tastes better.

ME: Guys, What’s this called?

LAUREN: A plum?

ME: No.

LAUREN: Passion fruit?

ME: How’d you guess?

LAUREN: You were talking about it before.

ME: Oh. Describe it then.

LAUREN: Hmmm.  It looks light.

SAM: And heavy.

LAUREN: It looks light and heavy at the same time.

ME: What do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?

LAUREN: Yellow and peach.

ME: Can you shake it?

LAUREN: I feel a little shake in it.

ME: (Cutting open) Whoa, cool right?

LAUREN: I don’t like the inside.

ME: What does it look like?


SAM: It looks like a monster with eyes everywhere.

ME: Well I want you to smell it because it smells like heaven.


ME: Ok, I think we need spoons to eat this.

EMMA: Get it! Go there!

LAUREN: (brings spoon)

ME: This looks like a dirty spoon. Yuck.

ME: Oh, my gosh, smell it.

EMMA: Smell it!

ME: Who wants to taste it?

LAUREN: I think it’s going to taste sour.

ME: (Tasting) You’re right, it’s really tangy. Good, but it’s a tangy. Not quite ripe enough I guess.

ME: Here, Lauren, just lick the juice.

LAUREN: No, it’s too sour.

ME: OK, this doesn’t taste the way that it usually does – this is really sour. But we’ll try it again another time.

SAM: I don’t want to lick the eyes.

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