Halloween is just around the corner. That’s right parents, it’s the season for getting your little ones geared up with some cute, wild, and occasionally strange outfits. I have to say, that I’m a costume buyer myself. It’s shameful to admit it, but I’m never on top of my A game when it comes to making Halloween costumes ahead of time. So I usually take the easy way out by bringing my kids to one of the Halloween pop up shops that seem to sprout like weeds in our neighborhood at this time of year.

But for those who have the time or energy to make costumes from scratch, I’ve done some research for you. I’ve searched through Pinterest, and have found what I think are the best of the best in a number of important categories.

First up, the cute costumes. Best for babies and young toddlers – is there anything cuter than a little ones dressed up as snap peas in a pod, a bumble bee, or the quintessential Mary’s little lamb. And look at this little dude on the left – Yoda? So sweet.

The cute_FeedMeDearly

Next in line, we have the awesome costumes. Parents, please make sure that your child has at least one year dressed in one of these types of outfits. It takes confidence to pull off, but the payoff is significant, resulting in a higher than average candy pull.

The awesome_FeedMeDearly

What tends to happen when kids get older is that they become more decisive and start asking their parents to make costumes that are difficult to pull off. Here we have a category that can only be described as the uncomfortable costumes. Sure they’re as cute as could be, but I would imagine that it’s tough to spend more than 10 minutes in one of these outfits:

 The uncomfortable_FeedMeDearly

Next we have the scary costumes. Both of these characters could have been included in my “uncomfortable” category, but given that they’re freakishly scary, I felt that they deserved their own category. And does this little boy on the right even know who he’s supposed to be? I sure hope he hasn’t seen Silence of the Lambs, otherwise we have bigger problems at stake than some mild discomfort from being strapped to a gurney while trick or treating.

The scary_FeedMeDearly

And last but not least, we have the flamboyant costumes. The core demographic for this category is young toddlers, young enough to be at the mercy of their parents’ costume fantasy, but old enough to wonder why on Earth they’ve been made to wear this outfit. Look at those little faces, they’re puzzled, confused, perhaps a little bit anxious about meeting up with their friends while dressed like this.

The unsure_FeedMeDearly

But regardless of whether you buy or make, the weeks leading up to Halloween are some of the most enjoyable all year. Our team makes a tradition of heading to the Halloween store, trying on a few masks (political masks are our favorite). And yes, that would be legendary political hero on the top right, Anthony Weiner. I considered buying it to have as part of my collection of Anthony Weiner memorabilia. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know about my pseudo-obsession. Need a reminder? Check it out here or here or here.

But instead of the Weiner mask, we picked up some awesome fangs:


Like the magic of Christmas, Halloween has a certain magic to it as well. So enjoy the weeks leading up to it, and let me know if you’re doing anything fun to celebrate this year.


Oh, and one last thing, I’m running an Evenflo giveaway and it ends this week. Check it out before it’s too late. Consider it my Halloween gift for one lucky reader – whether it’s for you or someone you know. Happy Halloween!

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