Last week the kids had a half day at school, so we spent the afternoon checking out the MOMA. It’s always such a treat to visit because whenever I ask them where they’d like to go, the response is always “dinosaurs”. Sometimes I have to put my foot down.

But after our visit to the MOMA, we all agreed that it’s a pretty cool place. Even without the dinosaurs.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our day, starting with Lauren’s big win: $130 million! Thankfully that’ll cover her college tuition and part of Sam’s.

When we got to the MOMA, the kids wanted to check out the sculpture garden. Because it’s full of bums and bums are funny.


There were some other pretty amazing sculptures, including this 2-headed beastie. The kids screamed when they saw it, but quickly made friends with it. 


Once inside, Lauren was on a mission to find a Modigliani. “You know Mom, the ones with the long necks.” We did find one of his paintings, but it wasn’t anything like the one she’d seen in school, which meant that it wasn’t interesting at all.

So I quickly diverted her attention to another piece. She wasn’t impressed.


I tried one more. This one worked.


Once they were back in an art-loving frame of mind, we checked out some Warhols. “22, 23, 24, 25”


We also found an interactive area which we hadn’t explored before. The hallway down to the exhibit was covered with a floor-to-ceiling neon print of of  Ferdinand the Bull, which the kids wanted to have in their bedroom.


The sound exhibit was Sam’s favorite since he got to hit the installation repeatedly with a very large hammer.


And easily one of the main attractions was the kids’ lab. After spending the afternoon on floors full of Picasso and Kandinsky, hearing me say over and over “don’t touch, stay behind the line, you’re too close, hold my hand, don’t flip your jacket like that, no running!” (breathe) they were so excited to be in a space where they could touch and play with everything.


Once our visit came to an end, we wandered up Fifth Ave in search of food. Who knew, it’s Christmas season already!


Wait, wait wait wait! I’m getting distracted by all of the shiny glitter. We still have Thanksgiving ahead of us. Sorry kids. To make sure that we hadn’t cheated on Thanksgiving with Christmas, we made a quick beeline to Momofuku Milk Bar to pick up one of these: Momofuku’s weird-in-concept but super tasty Thanksgiving croissant.


Oh, I’m food-spoiled in this city, I know it. At least I appreciate it and spent a full minute kissing the dirty sidewalk in front of the Milk Bar after I wiped the butter and gravy dribbles off my chin.

So that’s it for this week, hope you all had a good one. If any of you are now planning visits to check out Momofuku’s Thanksgiving croissant, you can find all of the details right here at the Milk bar store website. They only make them until the end of November, so you’d better act quickly or you’ll have to wait for next year!

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