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We’re heading into December, and for me that means a lot of things – baking (fruitcake, don’t knock it), the holiday ham and boatloads of mandarin oranges. But there’s another supporting cast member that gets its fair share of attention: pomegranates. Who can resist? The gemlike seeds are so pretty, they make every dish a celebration. Thankfully pomegranate was a hit with the kids, so we’ll see much more of it this year.

ME: Who’s ready for this one?


ME: What is this?

LAUREN: I forgot.

ME: Emma?

EMMA: Um, a Jessica!

ME: Silly girl. Who wants to hold one of the seeds in their hand? It’s beautiful right? It’s like a jeweled fruit. See? You can just open it like this.

LAUREN: Can I try?

ME: Yeah, I’ll give you a whole cluster to work on. What do they look like, these little seeds?

SAM: Doesn’t it look like a jewel?

ME: Yeah, what kind of jewel is red?

LAUREN: A gem?

LAUREN: A diamond?

ME: No, diamonds are usually clear. The red ones are called rubies.

ME: Does anyone want to smell it? Does it have a smell?

EMMA: Mmmm….yummy. More?

ME: It doesn’t really smell like anything, does it? But have you tasted it yet?

EMMA: Strawberries.

ME: Yeah, the color looks a bit like strawberries. Delicious little seeds.

ME: Oh, I forgot to tell you, this is called a pomegranate.

LAUREN: Oh yeah. It is SO good.

ME: What does it taste like?

LAUREN: It tastes like sweet and red and like a ruby.

ME: I think it tastes a bit like cherries. And the juice just bursts in your mouth.

LAUREN: It is SO good and sweet, Sam you don’t have to eat the white part.

SAM: It tastes like a watermelon.

ME: Should we get a pomegranate again?


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