I’m shocked that bean sprouts went over so well this week. I bought them on impulse when a trip to Whole Foods yielded nothing out of the ordinary for our 52-week challenge. Hard to believe, but we’re 40 weeks into our challenge. Meaning 40 new fruits and vegetables under our belts, making it slim pickings when I head to the grocery store. But bean sprouts were new, and as much as their bland color and flavor doesn’t appeal to me, the kids shared a different opinion. They were hands down the most well-received vegetable in our challenge to date.

ME: What are these?

LAUREN: Onions?

EMMA: A kind of turkey.

ME: Yeah it kind of does look like the turkey gobbler.

ME: What does it smell like?

LAUREN: Emma ate all of hers.

EMMA: More.

LAUREN: More for me too.

ME: Slow down guys, you’re not supposed to eat it yet.

ME: It kind of smells like water to me. What about you Lauren?

LAUREN: I didn’t smell it yet. Wait, what are these mommy? I want more.

ME: Wow, you guys are fighting over them. You can each have your own bowls, I have a huge bag of them.

ME: These are called bean sprouts.

LAUREN: Oooh, I love bean sprouts!

ME: How do you know bean sprouts? Have you had them before?


ME: But you just love them?

LAUREN: They’re kind of like Brussels sprouts.

ME: They’re kind of crispy right? Crispy and watery.

ME: Sam, you want to try these?

SAM: I sucked its blood.

LAUREN: They’re the best.

SAM: I love them.

ME: You love them even before you try them?


SAM: Yeah, they’re the best.

ME: Sam, do you want your own bowl?

ME: You guys really love these don’t you. I’m happy to get lots of these.

LAUREN: I think they taste like water. But crunchy water.

ME: Sam, what about you?

SAM: Salad greens.

ME: Emma?

EMMA: They taste like turkey.

ME: You’re pretty silly, aren’t you.

EMMA: Yeah.

ME: Should I get these again?

LAUREN: Totally.

SAM: Yeah, I wouldn’t say “hey, this is disgusting.”

LAUREN: Yeah, they’re the best. They’re the best water food ever.

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