Alfalfa Sprouts

Since last week’s bean sprouts were such a big hit, I thought we’d try another sprout-related veggie. Enter radish and clover alfalfa sprouts. Aside from the disagreement about whether we were dealing with Brussels sprouts or alfalfa sprouts, I’d say that we had a productive conversation. And we even got a long-term taker, Emma loved them.

ME: What are these?

LAUREN: Brussels sprouts.

ME: Actually they’re not.

LAUREN: Actually they are.

ME: Actually they’re not.

LAUREN: Uh, they are.

EMMA: Can I get a cool one?

ME: These are alfalfa sprouts.

LAUREN: Yeah, they’re Brussels sprouts.

ME: Um actually they’re not.

LAUREN: Oh yeah they are.

ME: They’re the little sprouts that make radishes and clovers. What do they look like and feel like and all of that?

EMMA: Mmmmm I love them.

ME: You love that?

SAM: Brussels sprouts.

LAUREN: That’s actually spicy.

ME: They taste like Brussels sprouts? What do they look like in your hand?

SAM: Brussels sprouts.

ME: It looks nothing like a Brussels sprout Sam. Have you seen a Brussels sprout? It looks nothing like it.

LAUREN: Yes it does.

EMMA: Mmmm. It’s good.

ME: What does it smell like?

EMMA: It smells like cranberry.

ME: Like cranberries? Mm hmmmm.

ME: Little bites by the way, don’t put that whole thing in your mouth.

LAUREN: It makes my mouth a little itchy.

ME: Please stop eating it if it makes your mouth itchy. Do you need an allergy pill?

ME: Sam, what do they taste like?

SAM: Bananas.

LAUREN: (singing) They’re not Brussels sprouts!!! They’re just a little spicy!!! (PS, I included the audio file of our session below because breaking into song about sprouts is really the pinnacle of this whole exercise in trying new foods)

ME: You have such a good voice.

ME: A lot of people put this kind of thing in pitas with hummus. You can’t eat hummus, but I’d like to make you some hummus without sesame. Are you game?

LAUREN: Yeah…..I’m game. I’m game on style.

ME: Should we get the radish and clover sprouts again?

LAUREN: I would say not that much.

ME: You would say not that much? What about you Sam?

ME: GB (Emma) is playing with hers like it’s a big tangle of fur.

ME: Yummy right? You like these right?

ME: Yeah, Emma loves it.

And as promised, the behind the scenes footage….will have to start putting these things on video:

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