Watermelon radish

Like our bean sprouts experience, watermelon radish was a total surprise hit this week. I had a feeling the kids wouldn’t like it because they didn’t like the red variety that we tried a few months ago. But because watermelon radish is so darn cute, I gave it a try. It’s a little sweeter and mellower than other radish varieties; if you’re not keen on radishes, you might just like this one. If you can find it…they’re not so easy to track down unfortunately, but higher end specialty markets (I got this one at Dean & Deluca) and the farmers’ markets are good places to look.

ME: We’re doing a quick mystery food guys, OK?

EMMA: It looks like canteloupe.

ME: It does a little bit doesn’t it.

SAM: No it doesn’t.

ME: What do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?

LAUREN: Pinkish.

ME: You saw it right?


ME: Oh, I guess there’s a little red on the outside.

ME: Did you expect it to look like that? Do you know what this is called?

EMMA: A cranberry.

ME: It’s not a cranberry. Smell it, you might be able to tell from the smell.

EMMA: I want to hold it.

ME: What does it smell like?

SAM: A banana sauce.

ME: What do you think it is?

LAUREN: I don’t know. Kiwi or something?

ME: We’ve got to cut it now. No, not a kiwi. It’s a type of….radish.


ME: What kind of radish do you think  it’s called with this color? It’s green on the outside and pink on the inside?

SAM: A banana! A skinana! A skinana! A skinana!

EMMA: It’s not!

LAUREN: I really want to try it. I’m begging to. I’ll try anything! Now I’ll try anything in the school, except from friends.

ME: Awesome! What is it?

SAM: Radish?

ME: Yes, you knew it was a radish, did you remember that?

LAUREN: You just told us. Can I have more?

EMMA: I didn’t like this.

SAM: Can I have more?

ME: You want more too Sam? It’s not that spicy, right?

LAUREN: It’s like a tiny little watermelon.

ME: It is like a tiny little watermelon but it tastes like a radish but it’s not as spicy as a radish.

LAUREN: Can you give me more than one?

ME: Whoa, you guys are wowsers…

SAM: Can I have water?

ME: Yeah, it makes you a little thirsty doesn’t it?

SAM: More please.

ME: More?

LAUREN: What’s wrong with more?

ME: Here’s a big floppy piece. You don’t have to eat the whole thing.

SAM: I ate the whole thing.

ME: Oh my gosh, you really like it don’t you. Now you don’t have to be brave and eat the whole thing in front of me if you don’t want OK? I already think you’re awesome for trying different things. Do you love it?

LAUREN: Spicy.

EMMA: I don’t like it.

SAM: I want a big piece. A floppy one.

EMMA: It’s spicy right?

SAM: You ate the whole thing?

ME: She’s crazy.


And when there’s a chance to audio (read: no fighting) I’ll gladly include the soundtrack, here is this week’s version:

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