Black radish

After the success of last week’s watermelon radish, we decided to give another radish variety a try. Enter black radish. But we learned an important lesson this week: not all radishes are created equal. Some, like the watermelon radish, are pleasantly spicy. Others pack  serious heat. Fortunately Sam didn’t suffer permanent damage, but from his reaction you’d have thought he’d scorched his tongue. I think I’ve tested about all the radishes my kids can handle. No need to try any more, we’ve been there, done that, time to move onto non-radish food.

ME: OK, you guys are going to be really excited about this next one…

SAM: Green beans?

ME: What do you think this is?

LAUREN: A radish?

ME: Yeah, how did you know it’s a radish?

LAUREN: Looks like it.

ME: Oh my gosh, I don’t think it looks anything like a radish. How did you know?

LAUREN: Well it had that same shape and the same thing on the top, so I just guessed it was a radish.

SAM: It’s a bum bum.

ME: Stop.

ME: What color is it going to look like on the inside?

SAM: Bum bumish.

ME: OK, thank you.

LAUREN: Uh, pinkish? Red? Green? Pink or green I guess.

SAM: Booty color.

ME: Oh, my gosh!

LAUREN: White?

ME: Yep. Hard to believe, right? Smell it.

LAUREN: That smells a little bit like cucumbers.

SAM: It smells like a bum bum.

ME: Want to smell it Emma? Do you want to feel it?

LAUREN: Feels smooth. It feels good.

ME: Can you give it to Sam? Who wants to try it first?

All at once:  Me!

ME: You like it?

SAM: It’s a banana. (Tries it) Ah, ah, get it out, it’s spicy (continues to freak out)

ME: Spit it out, spit it out! Ew- on the napkin please.

ME: Is it spicier than the other one?


ME: I think I prefer the watermelon radish. You?

LAUREN: This tastes a little bit like the other one. Because they’re in the same family.

SAM: When I was a baby I didn’t know what those yellow things were. Bananas.

ME: So do we have black radish again?

In unison:  No!

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