There may or may not have been talk about Asian pear tasting like raw potatoes. But strangely enough it wasn’t a deal breaker. Personally Asian pears aren’t my favorite variety. They’re a little hard, a little woody. Like biting into a birch tree. I like my pears to be on the softer side, the kind of fruit that gives with gentle pressure like a perfect summer peach. But despite my own leanings, the kids loved it.

ME: Guys, the mystery food that we’re doing today is called….

EMMA: What’s that mommy?

ME: This is our mystery food.

EMMA: Yew, I don’t like that.

LAUREN: Emma, don’t say that.

ME: Called….


ME: Yeah, what kind of pear?

SAM: A leech pear!

ME: What?

SAM: A leech pear!

ME: A leech pear? No. It’s called an Asian pear. It’s from Asia. Kind of like persimmon but different. Let’s smell it first. Let’s see if it smells like a regular pear. What do you think?

SAM: No. It smells like flowers.

ME: Flowers?

LAUREN: It smells like a regular pear.

ME: What do you think Emma? Smell like a pear?

EMMA: It smells like flowers. It smells like these ones.

ME: OK, what does it look like on the outside?

LAUREN: I think it’s like a normal pear.

ME: But look at it though, look at it’s full shape. Does that look like a normal pear to you?


ME: No, when it’s in its full round shape, what does it look like?

SAM: A ball.

LAUREN: An apple.

ME: Yeah, that’s what exactly what I think! What do you think Emma?

EMMA: A ball.

ME: And did you feel its texture too? What do you think?

LAUREN: It’s kind of rough.

SAM: Kind of rough.

EMMA: A kind of flowers.

ME: Who wants to taste it?


EMMA: Mmmmm….

SAM: Tastes like flowers.

EMMA: It tastes like matatoes (potatoes).

ME: It tastes like matatoes? Yeah? It does a little bit. It’s a little bit starchy like eating raw matatoes. You want another piece Sam? Who’s going to want lots of pieces? I can cut up more if you want. Lauren wants lots of pieces. So should we get Asian pear again?

SAM: This is so funny.

ME: Yeah it was fun wasn’t it.

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