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Sam had a test last week. A standard issue Kindergarten prep test, a necessary evil, on par with a trip to the dentist. There’s only so much you can do to get a 4-year old ready for something like this. All you can do is hope is that your kid is in a good mood, well rested, and has eaten breakfast.

I did what I could to check the boxes. Starting the night before with a trip to 16 Handles. Sam clowned around, pretending to be a lobster and seeking attention. Emma was an easy target and was more than willing to pet him in between each bite. “Good lobster…”

Fortunately, he did sleep well that night and ate a big breakfast in the morning.

“Sam”, I said, “what would you like as a treat when you’ve finished with The Puzzler?” The Puzzler of course being the Scary Test Lady, but those words are never uttered. We opened the door to the school.

“A donut”, he said.

When you’re a kid, the most highly coveted prize in the world is a donut. It’s an 89 cent wonder. But it was well-deserved, the frozen yogurt, the donut, all of it. The little guy had tried his heart out.

Lucky for Sam, I had one more surprise in store…..

“I have something special planned” I said as we wandered back home. “We’re going for a scoot around the city.”

Once home, I pulled out the pair of black and neon mittens I’d hidden in my room. “These will keep your hands warm.”

“They strap onto my scooter?!” Oh yes they do little man…

So off we went on our scooter adventure, heading down 7th Avenue.


Early into our trip, he pulled over to let me know that he’d heard a rat in the bushes. I checked, no rats. (Although in New York City, you can never be sure).

“They’re just birds Sam.”

“Um, they’re rats.”

Dissatisfied with my answer, but willing to drop his case, he forged on. It wasn’t long before he needed to show me how fast he could go…

But then Sam surprised me by pulling over to admire the leather bags in the Coach window on Fifth Avenue. I’m chalking this up to having two sisters. Their influence runs deep. Barbie outfits are routinely crafted from paper, scissors and tape.

Things got back to normal when we hit Union Square. Beneath a statue of George Washington he staged a Colonial fight scene, launching grenades and firing his rifle. I’m now second-guessing how much I should have taught him about George Washington. “The man on the dollar bill”, “The first President” “You know the bridge? That guy.” All good descriptions. But no, I had to paint a vivid picture of the American Revolution and the Siege of Boston, Paul Revere’s ride.

We had fun though. Exhausted, we finally got back home and crumpled into heaps on the couch. Sam was thrilled to show off his new scooter mittens to the other kids. As predicted, Emma asked whether I’d gotten something for her.

“Would I leave you out?” Goodbye pink baby blanket, worn and frayed. Hello brand new, super luxe, super warm stroller blanket. Maybe it was my imagination, but I could swear that a single tear of gratitude moistened the corner of her eye.

Do you think it was possible to hang out at home after she saw her new gear? Not a chance, it was GO time. As in immediately, get a move on girl, forget about this “I’m tired” business.

So off we went, down the elevator, and back outside for another adventure.


After half an hour of walking, I was spent. “Emma, can we go back home now?”

No. Of course not. Didn’t think so. No rest for the weary.

This day was officially too long. At least I had a little gift for myself that day too.

Some adult-sized stroller mittens, perfect for the Polar Vortex # 2. I’ve been using them religiously, it’s been one frigid week.

And now the best news for last…7 A.M.Enfant is giving away the whole set- the kids’ Warmmuffs for scooter fun, the adult Warmmuffs for the stroller, and the cygnet blanket that grows with your child, from 0-4. Winner chooses the colors. We’ve got you covered this month; good luck and stay warm!


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Good luck!

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with 7 A.M. Enfant. Blanket + Adult Warmmuffs + Kids’ Warmmuffs provided by7 A.M. Enfant. Content developed and opinions expressed are my own.

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