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Because of our blood orange success, I was convinced that gore was the way to go when introducing bright red fruits and vegetables. I was wrong. I highly, highly recommend that you don’t offer new foods by saying this: “hey kids, we’re doing a mystery food tonight and it’s going to be bloody!”

The beets were rejected pretty quickly. Sam and Emma liked them for a tenth of a nanosecond before deciding that beets were horrible. Talk of garbage came up a few times, which I understand. Beets have a certain earthy quality; getting accustomed to them can take a while.. I’m not down and out on beets yet though… they have potential. Next time I’ll try to spruce them up with a little blood orange juice. We’ll see what happens….

ME: Hey what is this?

SAM: It’s not bloody.

LAUREN: I would guess that it’s reddish black on the inside.

ME: But what is the name of this?

LAUREN: Blood orange?

ME: It’s not blood orange.

EMMA: It looks like a little bit like juice.

ME: A little bit right, it’s really dark red like your red juice.  It’s like solid juice. Like your favorite, like cranberry juice.

EMMA: Yeah, I’ll smell it. (Sniffs) Yummy!

ME: Yummy? Does it smell so good?

EMMA: Yeah.

ME: What does it smell like?

EMMA: I want to eat it.

ME: Well let’s give everyone a chance to smell it first. Sam, what does it smell like?

SAM: Garbage.

ME: What do you think it smells like?

LAUREN: Yummy!

ME: OK, so two yummies and a garbage.

EMMA: I want to eat it!

ME: Do you want to touch it first?

EMMA: Ummm, yummy!

ME: Do you want me to sprinkle salt on it or have it all on its own? OK, Emma’s going to try the first bite. Who’s next?

LAUREN: I didn’t even describe it.

ME: What’s it called? It’s called a…..beet! Is it good? What does it taste like?

EMMA: Good.

ME: I’m going to taste one because I love beets. Mmmmm it’s yummy.

EMMA: No more.

ME: But you liked it though?

EMMA: Yeah.

ME: It can stain a little bit, put it in your mouth really quickly.

LAUREN: It doesn’t look bloody.

ME: So what does it look like?

LAUREN: Marker.

ME: Try it, you can have a small one, try the small one before someone else does.

LAUREN: (Tries it, makes a face) No.

ME: OK, Sam’s turn, you can pick a small one or a big one, or do you want me to choose for you.

SAM: I don’t want one.

ME: OK well I’m going to pick the big one, you’d better pick the small one, hurry!

SAM: (grabs the small one and eats it)

ME: It’s good right? You can dip it into a bit of salt if you like. What do you think?

LAUREN: Emma was about to say it tastes like garbage. And I actually agree with her.

EMMA: It tastes like garbage.

ME: So what do you think? Does anyone want a second bite? So should we get beets again?


ME: Were they terrible or not so bad?

LAUREN: Terrible.

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