It seemed fitting to write another weather post because February is showing signs of despair and melancholy.

Instead of a weather forecast, I thought I’d do a 7-day recast so that you can reassure me that I’m not, in fact, losing my mind. February is to blame. He’s been playing games and torturing us with his mood swings. When you can’t figure out whether to step outside in a down-filled jacket or in shorts, you know there’s a problem.

Sunday: Snow


Monday: Sun


Tuesday: Snow


Wednesday morning: Sun


Wednesday afternoon: Rain + some mountains miraculously appeared in downtown Manhattan


Thursday: Sunny


Friday: Snow, Thunder and lighting


Saturday: Tropical. So balmy that even One Financial Center decided to grow some palm trees.


Weather, what’s going? Girlfriend dump you? Financial troubles? You owe us a pretty sweet Spring and Summer to compensate. And don’t you dare foil my April vacation plans. Now splash some water on your face, chant some healing affirmations, and get back into the business of being predictable.

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