It was like Dr. Seuss characters invaded our home this week and stood in place for the kids during our mystery food challenge. Even sautéing the leeks in a little butter and olive oil didn’t help our cause. Leeks were not a hit food. They’ll get there. Leeks cooking in butter is one of the all time best cooking smells. One day they’ll realize the error of their ways…

ME: Ok.  Smell it.

LAUREN: Oh my God.

ME: Why?  Why oh my God?  What does it smell like?


ME: Wine?

LAUREN: It smells like wine.

ME: Does it smell like wine?  There’s no wine in there.  You think I’d feed you wine? What do you think it smells like Sam?

SAM: A strong smell. It has a strong smell of wine.

ME: Ok.  It’s not wine.

LAUREN: And beer.

ME: No, that’s my beer that you’re smelling!  

EMMA: Yummy!

ME: Yeah, yummy, right?  Smells good.

LAUREN: Actually, it’s not.

SAM: It smells like a trash can.

ME: Ok. It’s not a trash can.

[kids laughing]

ME: What are these called, because you guessed last week.

EMMA: Collard greens.

ME: Nope, it’s not that.  What vegetable rhymes with weeks?

LAUREN: Cheeks.

EMMA: Sausage.

SAM: Keeks.

ME: Nope.

LAUREN: Leeks.

EMMA:  Sausage.

LAUREN: Leeks.

EMMA: Yeah.

LAUREN: Leeks.

ME: Ok. Sausage?

SAM: Cheeks.

EMMA: Yeah, sausage.

LAUREN: Leeks.

SAM: Queeks.

ME: Nope, not that.

ME: Ok.  These are called L…..

EMMA:  Leeks!

ME:  She got it, Emma got it!

LAUREN: Hey, I said leeks before!

ME: Oh, you said leeks?


ME:  Yeah?  I’m sorry.  You got it, didn’t you?  I didn’t hear you that whole time.  And you were sitting there saying, ‘leeks, leeks, leeks, leeks, leeks’, right?  

EMMA: I said cheeks.

ME: You said cheeks?           

EMMA: No, I said keek.

ME:  Oh, keek?  Ok, ok.  Who wants to take a first taste of leeks?

LAUREN: Me, me, me. Because I guessed it!

ME: Ok.  One, and two, and three.  Ok, here you go guys.  What do you guys think?

EMMA: Yummy.

ME: What do you guys think of leeks?  Yes or no?  Sammy, you want to try any leeks? 

EMMA: Cheeks.

ME: Want to taste it? Here are the leeks Sam.  There you go.  The other girls just tasted it. 

SAM: I don’t want to.

ME: You gotta taste it…..(no answer)….So, you guys don’t love it?


ME: Why not?

LAUREN: At least try it Sam.

ME: These are cooked in a bit of butter and olive oil.

LAUREN: That’s why.

ME: That’s why, what?  You don’t like that?


ME: You love olive oil.

LAUREN: I don’t like butter.

ME: Oh, you don’t like butter? Okay, that’s fair enough.

LAUREN: Yeah.  I’m allergic to butter.

ME: You’re not allergic to butter.  Are you finished? 

LAUREN: It’s like a weenie [giggling].

ME: Oh, stop.

SAM: And Lauren is allergic to Jackson!

ME: Ok, do you know what leeks are related to?  They’re related to another vegetable.

LAUREN: Greens, greens, greens.

ME: Nope. 

LAUREN: Cabbage?

ME: Nope, not cabbage.  That’s a really good guess though.  Because there is green cabbage. 

LAUREN: Salad greens?

ME: Nope, it’s not related to salad greens.

LAUREN: Three leaf clovers.

ME: Nope, not four leaf clovers.

LAUREN: I said three.

ME: Oh.

LAUREN: Two leaf?

ME: Nope.

LAUREN: One leaf?

ME: Yes!  It’s related to a one leaf clover.  No! They’re related to onions.

SAM: Onions?

ME: Yeah, they’re in the onion family.  Sam, don’t jump off the stool please.  Guys, can you come back to the kitchen?

LAUREN: Guess what?  Today I was swinging on the jungle gym and I accidently fell on it and got a little bruise.

ME: Oh, that’s a really bad bruise.

LAUREN: And both of my feet fell on it badly.

ME: That is not good.

LAUREN: And now I got my bruise.

ME: Yeah.

SAM: I was playing with Ian’s Batman.

ME: Guys, I have a question.  I have a really important question.

LAUREN: Yes, yes, yes?

ME: Should we get leeks again?


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