I eat a lot of grapefruit – sectioned with a dollop of honey-sweetened yogurt or sliced into salads. I figured that the flavor might be  too intense for the kids, but they’ve surprised me before. Grapefruit didn’t have a chance though – too sour for their little palates.

 ME: Ok guys, what is this called?

SAM: Tomato sauce?

ME: No.  Smell it.  Can you tell what it is?

LAUREN: Stuffing.

EMMA: Watermelon.

ME: It’s not a watermelon.

LAUREN: Grapefruit?

ME: Lauren thinks it’s grapefruit.  What do you think Sam?

EMMA: I want to eat it.

ME: Emma wants to eat it.  Here you go.

SAM: Is it grapefruit?

ME: Yeah.  Here, I’ll cut it in half for you. Do you want to eat it with a fork?

LAUREN:  I guessed it right…, I guessed it right… I guessed it right… [singing].

LAUREN: Is it any kind of grapefruit?

ME: It’s a red grapefruit, actually. And that’s a really smart question because there are many different types of grapefruit.

EMMA: I don’t like it. It’s spicy.

LAUREN: It’s sour.

ME: Yeah.  It is sour.

LAUREN: Oh, really sour.

SAM: It’s sweet.

ME: Sam, you’re just smelling it, you need to taste it too.

SAM: [sneezes].

ME: Bless you.

EMMA: My diaper is wet.

SAM: I don’t like the way it looks.

ME: You don’t like the way it looks? That’s fine as a description, too. You don’t have to like the way it looks.

ME: Should we get grapefruit again?

EMMA: Yeah.

SAM: Uh no.

ME: No?

LAUREN. No.  It’s too sour.

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