Pumpkin seeds

This is a bit of a stretch vegetable because pumpkin seeds seem more like a snack food than a proper vegetable. That being said, despite the roasting and salting, they’re healthy and packed with beta carotene. The kids didn’t feel strongly one way or another, but at least it was a semi win with a semi healthy food. So does that leave me ahead or behind in spurring my kids to eat healthy foods? I think we moved an inch in the right direction…

ME: What is it guys?

SAM: Nuts?

ME: It’s not nuts.

LAUREN: Of course not nuts.

ME: Lauren can’t eat nuts.

LAUREN: Ok, wait, let me smell. Fresh bologna?

ME: Fresh bologna? No, not that. You smell it Sam.

EMMA: Can I smell? Can I smell? Let me smell.

LAUREN: Pretzels?

ME: Not pretzels.

EMMA: Juice.

ME: It’s not juice. Ok. Who wants to feel one in their hands? Do you think it’s heavy or light?

LAUREN and EMMA: Light.

ME: Ok. Well, let’s see. What do you think [to Sam]? Heavy or light? Put down your sword.

SAM: I want water.

ME: Put down your sword.

SAM: I want water.

ME: I haven’t heard please yet.

SAM: Please.

ME: Ok. Hold on. Hold this so I can get you some water. Is it heavy or light?

SAM: It’s light.

ME: Light.

LAUREN: Light.

ME: Ok. There you go. I’ll get you some water.

SAM: Water?

ME: Ok. Here’s some water.

ME: Ok. Have you tried them? Oh, Emma’s already tried them. What do you think?

EMMA: Good.

ME: Yeah?

EMMA: It’s salty.

ME: A little salty. Do you know what they are yet?

EMMA: Nope.

SAM: I do not know what they are.

LAUREN: Are they dried something?

ME: Yeah. And they come from the inside of a vegetable.

LAUREN: A seed!

ME: Yeah! It is a seed. What kind of vegetable do they —

EMMA: A dried vegetable.

ME: A dried what?

EMMA: Dried.

ME: Yes, dried.

LAUREN: A dried seed.

ME: It is a dried seed. From what vegetable though?

LAUREN: A watermelon?

ME: You can’t guess? It’s from a pumpkin.

SAM: A pumpkin?

ME: Yeah, they’re dried pumpkin seeds.

SAM: That’s weird.

ME: What do you guys think?

LAUREN: No, I don’t like it.

EMMA: It looks like my finger.

ME: Ok. Do you guys like them?

SAM: No.

EMMA: Will this make my tummy hurt?

ME: No!

ME: Ok. Emma, do you like these? Should we get these again?

EMMA: Yeah.

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