green leaf lettuce

If last week’s fava beans were a disappointment, we found redemption in a head of green leaf lettuce. Sometimes you don’t need to smell, feel, and talk about a vegetable to make it appealing. Sometimes it’s so wonderful that your kid just shoves it in his mouth without asking questions. Sometimes…..sometimes you just get lucky.

ME: Ok.  Our first mystery food is…

LAUREN: Broccoli?

ME: Nope.  What is this called?

SAM: Salads?

LAUREN: I think I tried it before.

SAM: Salads.

EMMA: Salads.

LAUREN: Wheat… wheat… wheat.

SAM: Salads.  Greens.

ME: It’s called green leaf lettuce.

LAUREN: Oh, I have tried this before.

ME: Yeah?  Ok.  Wow, Sam just shoved it in his mouth! Sam didn’t even smell it or anything he just shoved the whole thing in his mouth.

EMMA: It smells like peanut butter.

LAUREN:  I love this.

ME: Ok.  Sam, you just ate the whole thing, so tell me what did you think?  Did you like it?

SAM:  I love it, not like it.

ME: You love it, not like it.  Now that is a great description.

SAM: I don’t like it, I LOVE it! I want more!

SAM: And more, and more, and more.

ME: We’ve got a whole pile of it here for you.  Ok.  So what does it taste like?

SAM: Give the whole entire thing to me.

ME: Ok, I’ll do that.

SAM: Mine, mine, mine.

ME: Happily.  Ok, what does it taste like?

EMMA: Peanut butter and juice.

ME: What does it taste like?  Guys, describe or are you too busy eating?

LAUREN: Too busy eating.

ME: Ok.

EMMA: I don’t know how to eat that.

ME: Well, you take a bite of it like that, see?  Well, that’s because you’re eating your hair.  Don’t eat your hair this time.  Ok, there you go.  Now does that taste better now without the hair?

EMMA:  No, no.

ME: Well, take it out of your mouth if you don’t like it. 

LAUREN: I’m eating it.  I like it.

ME: Yeah.  The crunchy parts?  Yeah.  Sam, do you want another piece?  Would you like to try it dressed with a little olive oil and salt and vinegar?  Like a real salad.

SAM: [shakes head no]

ME: No.  You just like it plain, Sam?  Ok.  Lauren, you want it like that, you want a little salad?

LAUREN:  Yeah.

ME: Ok.  Wow!  I’m surprised, Sam that you like it so much.  I’m really happy that you like it so much.

SAM:  I don’t like it, I LOVE it.

ME: Ok.  Well, that is fantastic.  See we always think that you don’t like a lot of foods, but really you do, right?  So this is called green leaf lettuce.

LAUREN:  Green leaf lettuce?

ME: Yeah.  So should we get it again?

LAUREN: He needs more lettuce (points to Sam).

SAM:  I say more lettuce!

ME: Awesome.

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