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The kids have had zucchini before and while they don’t love it cubed, the girls love zucchini spiralized noodles. I thought that yellow squash would be a hit but I made a few mistakes, namely 1) cooking it first (they tend to like to try things raw for the first time), and 2) choosing dinner time (our mystery food almost always happens separately from mealtime when they’re not distracted). But isn’t that how most people introduce new foods to their kids – cooked and at dinnertime? Something to consider for those of you struggling with your picky eaters… Switching up the format can make all the difference.

ME: What is this yellow vegetable right here?

SAM: Zucchini.

ME: It’s kind of like zucchini, but it’s not.  What is it Lauren?

LAUREN: Yellow tomatoes?

ME: No, it’s not yellow tomatoes. 

EMMA: I don’t want to try!

ME: Emma, just leave it on your plate if you don’t want it. I’ll eat it later.

SAM:  Is it a pepper?

ME:  It’s not a pepper.  It’s a yellow squash.

LAUREN: I was gonna guess that!

ME: It kind of looks like zucchini, but it’s yellow.  Ok.  What does it smell like; the yellow squash? 

EMMA: Lalalalalalalalal

ME: Emma?  It’s ok. You don’t have to eat it.

SAM: It smells like rotten cheese.

ME: OK. What do you think, Lauren?

LAUREN: It just fell in my lap! That’s a hot burning squash on me!

ME: Are you ok?  Did it drop down? Did you burn yourself?

EMMA: It’s Hot!

ME: So why don’t you guys smell it?

LAUREN: I did already.

ME: What do you think it smells like?

LAREN: Cheese.

ME: You think it smells like cheese, too?  What do you think it smells like, Emma?

EMMA: It smells like garbage.

ME: Ok.  Is that nice or not nice?

SAM: Not nice.

ME: That’s not nice.  Do we say those things at the dinner table?

SAM: I think rotten cheese smells like raw cheese.

ME: Yeah, well that’s why they call some raw cheese stinky cheese.

EMMA: Mommy!

ME: What?

EMMA: This smells like….this smells like a butterfly.

ME: Yeah!  I like that description.  What does it look like?

SAM: It looks like cheese.

ME: Tell me if it tastes like cheese.  You can lick one side of it and let me know.

LAUREN:  I already did lick it.

ME: Oh, you did?!  What do you think it tastes like?  Do you think it tastes like cheese?

LAUREN: Salty and sweet.

ME: That’s a great description! Because they are a little sweet and I put a touch of salt on them.

ME: Sam, do you want to take one little bite?

ME: Lauren should we get it again?


SAM: No.

ME: Sam, you didn’t even try it.

SAM: But I don’t think I’ll ever like it.

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