“I wish it were Summer every day” Lauren told me last week. “That way our Summer would never come to an end.”

And that, my dear girl, is exactly why Summer should come to an end. Nothing is special unless it’s sacred. A weekend isn’t indulgent unless it’s well-earned. And so, too, with this perfect string of weeks that separates Memorial Day and Labor Day. Days that bleed into each other, leading me to ask on repeat – “is today Friday?”

Rodney was traveling last week, so we did what we do on most days, which is make things up as we go. It was our last full week at the lake.

Last visit to the Ringwood Farmer’s Market (at least for a few weeks) to pick up some really big shoe-matching carrots…


Last time to make a mess of my closet and try on our bridesmaid and flower girl dresses for an upcoming wedding one…more….time…


Last time to crash our friends’ houses for frozen treats. Those red treats, dangerous….Unless you intend to look like Batman’s archenemy, in which case, perfection….


Last few hangouts on the dock with aging furry friends…

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Last time to walk the patio with the intention of…

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….making shoes; that’s right, that was the day when they piled Rainbow Loom bands on the ground and made some desperately-needed footwear…

shoes_FeedMeDearly (1)

…and a pair for me…


…a pair for all of us….

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Last time to tell ghost stories and camp out on the bedroom floor…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Last time to take in the view of incredible storms…


storm_FeedMeDearly (1)


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storm_FeedMeDearly (2)

At last Rodney arrived back at the lake and was able to sneak in some sinfully delicious rest…

dancing_FeedMeDearly (1)

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Last time to sit in the white wine float, where you’re not only allowed to – but encouraged to – drink wine from the built-in ice bucket. A perfect venue for watching over the kids as they learn semi-challenging watersports. No, it’s not the optimal arrangement with the potential need for quick reactions, but we make it work.

We built our last fire of the Summer…


Roasted our last marshmallows…

fire_FeedMeDearly (1)

And woke up to one of our last Gorillas in the Mist-ish views…


We took our last family boat trip…



kids boat_FeedMeDearly


jess_FeedMeDearly (2)



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…and let our driver have his last hand at the wheel…


Last of all, we took our hound for his last Summer spin on the board…


….and received our last “Get me off of this” face…

jackson_FeedMeDearly (1)

At least one of us is pleased that our Summer activities are winding down for the year.

Next week we move back to the city. New routines await, hectic days, crisp Fall air, wintry nights, Spring’s bright blossoms, and before we know it, we’ll be transported back. To the place where our Summer does feel endless, where Tuesday is Friday and the stress of everyday life melts like a sliver of ice.

I can hardly wait….

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