If there is a variety of spinach to introduce to your kids, this is the one. Straight from the farm, it was crunchy, crisp, and had the most beautiful purple-tipped roots. After I’ve seen the potential for spinach, it’s going to be hard to return to those limp bagged baby spinach greens that you so often see in the grocery store. This is spinach with heft. Popeye-approved 100%.

ME: Do you know what you’re eating?  What is it?

LAUREN: Green leaf lettuce?

ME: No, it’s not green leaf lettuce.  Does anyone know what the green leaves are on their plate?

SAM: I don’t know.

ME: Have you guys ever tried spinach before?

LAUREN: I have.

ME: You have?  Where?  At school?  Where have you tried spinach before?

LAUREN: When we were cooking something.

ME: You and me?

LAUREN: No.  At camp.

ME: Oh cool. Have you had spinach before Emma?

EMMA: But it was tinier.

ME: Have you guys ever heard of Popeye?  Who’s Popeye.


ME: No, it’s not Papa (their grandfather).  Popeye is a really strong guy with big muscles.  You know what he loves to eat? 

LAUREN: Spinach!

ME: He eats spinach.  That’s what he eats all the time.  Can you believe that?  He eats this stuff.  What do you guys think, does it taste good?

LAUREN: With some olive oil and salt on it.

ME: Yeah.  You like it, Emma?

LAUREN: It tasted so bad plain.

ME: What do you think, Sam?  You always like green things. Do you like the spinach?

SAM: I haven’t tried it.

ME: You haven’t tried it yet?!  You want to smell it first?  Does it smell like something you know?

SAM: It smells like olive oil and salt.

ME: Yeah, because I put a little bit on that after Lauren suggested it.  I shouldn’t have done that, should I? 

LAUREN: No, it’s better.

EMMA: It smells like greenia.

ME: Greenia?  What’s that?  Green leaf lettuce?

EMMA: [Nods head]

ME: Ohhh, ok.  So did you guys taste it yet?

SAM: More raspberries.

ME: You can have one more raspberry.  But you’ve got to eat a piece of lettuce with it, though. 

LAUREN: You’ll love it.

ME: Yeah.  What do you think, bud?  Do you like it?  You like it better or worse than green leaf lettuce?  What do you think?

SAM: I don’t like it.

ME: Ok, you don’t have to like it.  Should we get it again?



ME: And, Sam?

SAM: No.

ME: No? Ok.  All right Lauren, I’ll get it for you and me then.

EMMA: Actually, yeah.

ME: Yeah? Two yeses and a no.  We’ll get it again then.

SAM: Three yeses!

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