I never really noticed the tiny hairs on raspberries until we tried golden raspberries and I was convinced that they were covered in mold. Not mold! Now if I had a $2,000 macro lens on my camera you’d be able to see what I’m talking about. Unfortunately – or fortunately – they just appear to be golden and delicious from the shot that you’re seeing above. Which they are, but you missed out on all of the faux mold fun. So husband, family, reader(s), if you a) care about me and b) would like to see more moldy-looking hairs on your fruit, feel free to support the macro fund and I’ll work on getting up close and personal with our fruit for you guys….

ME: What are these?

SAM: Raspberries!

LAUREN: They’re orange raspberries.

ME: Lauren’s right – they’re like orange raspberries. But maybe they have a name….

[paper rustling]

ME: Maybe my receipt says it. Carrots, carrots, celery, orange juice….Here we go! They’re called Golden Raspberries. That’s the name – Golden Raspberries. Cool right?

EMMA: Cool.

ME: OK, who’s going to smell it? Does it smell different from a red raspberry?

SAM: Smells the same.

ME: I can’t smell. You know why? [sniffling]

SAM: Because of your nose?

ME: Yeah, because just I burnt my nose by touching it with hot chili pepper hands. You guys all learned a lesson about hot chili peppers this summer, right? Well, sometimes mommies make mistakes too.

Lauren: I can’t smell anything either.

ME: Maybe my nose is working and they just don’t smell.


ME: What does it look like? Does it look like a regular raspberry?

SAM: Looks like gold.

LAUREN: They look like. Like if… if you could see through it, it would be really cool because it looks like you could see through it.

ME: Yeah. It’s got a bit of a translucent look to it. They’re pretty cool.

SAM: Can I try it right now?

ME: Look at first though – do you see that? At first I thought that they were all moldy, but then I realized that it’s not mold… it’s the hair; like the tiny hairs you see on regular raspberries. Look, it’s like they’ve got little beards.

LAUREN: It’s cute. 

ME: Have you guys tried it yet?

EMMA: YUM! I can smell something in it.

SAM: They’re sour.

ME: It’s a little sour, but they might also not be totally ripe. But they still taste good, right?


ME: They’re pretty sweet. They’re like sweet in the beginning and then sour on the finish.

EMMA: Yummy!

ME: What do you think, Emma? Do you guys love these? Or do you like the red raspberries more?

SAM: Both

ME: Well, the nice thing about these is that you can do really fun things. Like you can make a jam, like a Golden Raspberry jam.


ME: How delicious would that be?

SAM: Wait! It’s um, it’s… it’s… white on the inside.

ME: Is it?

SAM: Mmm hmm.

ME: Let’s all look on the inside. You’re right, it looks a little bit white.

ME: So guys, should we get these again? I think we should get these again. Except that I think they’re expensive… Oooh! Yeah, they’re expensive… $7 for that little container. That was fun to try them though, wasn’t it?

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