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We’re getting towards the end of watermelon season but they’re still showing up at the markets, so if you want to try a few new varieties, now is the time. Just like the Yellow Doll that we tried a few weeks ago, this Sugar Baby Watermelon was a hit. The only problem: the seeds. Not a problem for adults, but when kids are involved, the seeds can be tough to work around. At leas the flavor compensated, resulting in a resounding “YES! LET’S GET THIS AGAIN!” 

ME: OK, do you guys remember what this is called?

LAUREN: Sugar baby.

ME: Sugar baby? And Sam, what do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?

SAM: Red.


EMMA: Red. That is in the inside.

Me: Ready?


ME: Does it look just like a regular watermelon?

LAUREN: Uh huh.

SAM: Let me try the first piece.

ME: Everyone gets a slice. Now, there are black seeds in this. OK? Do we eat the black seeds in this?

SAM?: No, they’re gross.

ME: OK, there you go. Who want’s the next?

LAUREN: I’ll try it.  It’s so good but it’s fresh with… but it’s…it’s fresh with…with… black seeds.

ME: What do you think Sam? Does it taste different from a regular watermelon?

SAM: It tastes sweeter.

ME: Maybe that’s why they call it Sugar Baby.

SAM: Can you eat the white seeds?

ME: Yeah, you can eat the white seeds.

SAM: But not the black seeds?

ME: I mean, it’s not the end of the world if we eat the black seeds. Do the seeds bother you guys?

ALL: Yeah.

ME: Would you like to eat a less sweet watermelon that has no seeds?

SAM: Yeah.

ME: Yeah, there are seedless watermelons, but they’re not as sweet as this. This is a different variety… and it’s got seeds in it.

LAUREN: I want a really really sweet watermelon, with no seeds.

ME: OK. Well, I don’t know if that exists.

ME: Should we get this one again?

ALL: Mmm hmm

ME: What’s wrong Emma?

EMMA: Seed in my mouth.

ME: If you have a seed in your mouth spit it out into your paper towel. And try not to spit out the whole watermelon piece.

LAUREN: Can I have some more, please?

ME: Yes. Big slice or little slice?


ME: Massive?


ME: Like the whole, like this whole half?



ALL: YES!!!!

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