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I wasn’t certain whether this cauliflower goes by the name of “orange cauliflower” or “yellow cauliflower” so I decided to look it up. Turns out that it has an interesting history involving Cornell University research and a mutant vegetable in Canada. If you want to learn more, check out the story on Saveur’s website. As for the results of our challenge this week? A cauliflower the color of cheddar cheese didn’t win any friends. Especially when one of the kids hates cheddar cheese. 

ME: Guys, I have something for you to try!

SAM: What is that?

ME: Orange Cauliflower. Yeah.

LAUREN: I’ve tried it before.

ME: Yeah? You have? When?

LAUREN: Yeah, you gave it to me one dinner.

ME: I did?

LAUREN: At New York.

ME: I don’t remember.

LAUREN: I tried it.

ME: Really?

SAM: Nooo I don’t like cauliflower!

ME: You’re just going to tell me what you think it looks like. Look how cute it is!

ME: So, you want a little piece. Here.


ME: Look how cute it is!

SAM: It looks like a… Noo, I don’t like it.

ME: Why don’t you smell it?

LAUREN: It smells like air.

ME: What do you think it smells like, Emma?

EMMA: It smells like… like beets.

ME: Interesting. Do you want to touch it?

EMMA: Nooo.

ME: Is it soft and fluffy or is it hard?

EMMA: It’s hard.

ME: It’s a little bit of hard and a little bit of soft at the same time. Right?

ME: These little flowers are called florets.  So what do you think?

LAUREN: Not as good as Purple Cauliflower.

ME:  Oh really, you’ve had Purple Cauliflower? Have I given that to you? I don’t remember all of this.

SAM: Yeah, it’s better than Purple Cauliflower.

ME: I don’t know. It tastes kind of the same as White Cauliflower to me…


ME: But it’s just a different color. It looks like cheddar cheese.


SAM: I don’t like Cheddar Cheese.

LAUREN: I’ll have another piece.

ME: So, it’s two things you don’t like. Cheddar cheese and cauliflower – so, is that like the worst food of all time for you?

SAM: Yeah.

ME: Well, I like it.

LAUREN: Me too. 

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