I try to avoid the “lately…in pictures” type of post because capturing a story is so important to me. There’s always a story, and one of the most joyous parts about writing this blog is getting to tell it.

But sometimes there isn’t a story. This week, we didn’t visit a Halloween Festival Megaplex Spectacular. We didn’t travel to an exotic foreign location with tall ships and Canadian beer. We stayed home, we nested, we ate some old-fashioned home-cooked food. I guess that’s a pretty good story after all.


Chocolate croissants in the park….

lauren croissant_FeedMeDearly

lauren and sam croissant_FeedMeDearly

sam slide_FeedMeDearly

Blink and you’ll miss this speck of a park in Chelsea. Look for it and you might see little ones at play.

lauren rings_FeedMeDearly

lauren rings_FeedMeDearly (1)

lauren rings_FeedMeDearly (2)

Quiet moments…

emma windowsill_FeedMeDearly

Wild moments…


emma_FeedMeDearly (1)


emma_FeedMeDearly (7)

emma_FeedMeDearly (2)

There’s a certain pleasure to be found in being idle. To be free of plans, To Do lists, homework, conference calls, blog posts, afterschool, meal prep, dishes, dishes, and more dishes. 

Maybe this story is about seizing the non-story. Walks with a friend…


Hikes down to that little patch of sandy beach where the kids feel most at home…

kids walk_FeedMeDearly

Hats in October. Big, puffy, polar bear hats.

kids run_FeedMeDearly


….Rainboot-protected feet in cool water…

lauren water_FeedMeDearly (1)

sam sit_FeedMeDearly

lauren water_FeedMeDearly

lauren and sam water_FeedMeDearly

lauren and sam water_FeedMeDearly (1)

Batwings on the dock…

jackson batman_FeedMeDearly

Smiling faces…

emma boathouse_FeedMeDearly

Thoughtful faces…

lauren face_FeedMeDearly

Where is dad hiding? faces…

emma face_FeedMeDearly

Tearful yet recovering faces….

sam face_FeedMeDearly

All-day pajamas….

lauren dock_FeedMeDearly




emma view_FeedMeDearly


sam mime_FeedMeDearly

Let’s end our non-story with that. That hints at a story beyond what I’ve promised to share this week. So that’s it for now, hope everyone’s had a lovely {un}eventful week. Get some rest, pet the dog, hang with the kids, cook good food, do those dishes, and see you back here next week, same time, same place.

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