There were lots of colorful descriptions (thankfully PG) of pattypan squash this week. There was some debate, some tasting, and for the first time in weeks….a hit, a hit everyone! We’ve got ourselves a winner. Despite not enjoying zucchini and yellow squash (except in noodle form), pattypan was a success. Which goes to show that with kids, introducing a vegetable with a funny shape and an even funnier name is half the battle. I don’t often include the audio but when it’s a good discussion, I can’t help but share it, so be sure to click the audio link below if you want to hear the conversation live.

SAM: What’s that?

ME: What do you think it is?

LAUREN: I know what it is. I think it’s a tomato.

ME: Do you guys all want to hold it?

EMMA: I wanna hold it!

ME: OK, don’t fight over it. Lauren’s first. Lauren?

EMMA: [crying]

ME: She’s going to pass it to you next.

ME: What is it?

SAM: No, I’m next!

LAUREN: Smells like some green.

ME: Smells like a green?


ME: OK. Who’s holding it next?


EMMA: [crying]

ME: OK? What does it smell like?

SAM: Banana

LAUREN: It smells like kind of a leek.

EMMA: [still crying]

ME: Sam’s turn. You have to tell me what it smells like.

SAM: It smells like radishes.

ME: What does it look like to you guys?

SAM: It looks like a star!

ME: That’s a great description!

LAUREN: I think it looks like a yellow snowflake with green… and it twirls.

ME: Interesting…Do you guys want me to cut into it?


SAM: Is this mystery food?

ME: Yes, it’s mystery food. What do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?

SAM: Uhhh…



ME: You think green? OK. 

SAM: I think yellow.

LAUREN: Yellow or green… or… white.

ME: Lauren, you’ve got to just choose one. You’re choosing a million colors. So, of course you’ll be right!

LAUREN: Just white…yeah…white.

ME: Yeah.

LAUREN: White, yellow, or green.

ME: Well, that’s three colors. What do you think the most it’s going to be?

LAUREN: White.

ME: Don’t touch the knife!

LAUREN: White or green.

ME: OK. Let’s see.

LAUREN: Or yellow…


[loud gasps]

SAM: Green!

SAM: I’m right! It’s… wait, you’re right.

ME: It’s white.

LAUREN: White.

ME: So, because Lauren was right, she’s going to get the first taste. But don’t, don’t taste it yet.

LAUREN: Wait, we could eat the skin?

ME: Yeah.

EMMA: Nooo I don’t want the skin.

ME: You can eat it all. It’s all edible. OK. Here’s one with less skin.

ME: MMM. What is it?! What’s it taste like? 

EMMA: I don’t want skins!



ME: Do you love it?!

SAM: Buy it again!

ME: Buy it again?

SAM: I love it!

ME: OK. Here you go. Let me try a little piece too…

LAUREN: Can I have another one too?

ME: Yeah, you can have another piece. There you go.

SAM: Another one?

ME: Another one! Oh my gosh! Are you guys going to have this for dinner instead of dinner?

ME: Maybe, you didn’t really like my soup that I made for you. There you go. You can actually cook this and put it in your soup, if you want.

ME: Sam, you want another piece?

SAM: Yep.

ME: There you go.

SAM: Now hand it over!


ME: OK. I’m going to have my first piece.

ME: Yeah, it’s good. It’s kind of sweet. OK, can I tell you something crazy?


SAM: What?

ME: This is just yellow squash!


SAM: Eww.

ME: But you guys all liked it, though. Right?


ME: You liked it. So maybe you do like yellow squash. Right?

EMMA: I like a squash. 

ME: Should we get it again?

EMMA: Nooo

SAM: Did you get this from the farmer’s market?

ME: So, you guys like it raw not cooked, right? Do you want me to cook it or do you like it raw?

LAUREN: I like it… raw.

SAM: Raw [laughing]

ME: It kind of tastes like an apple when it’s like this.

EMMA:  I want more!

ME: You guys all want more? OK.

EMMA:  I said NO skin!

ME: Actually this has a silly name. It’s not just regular yellow squash. It’s got a certain name. You know what it’s called?


ME: It’s called Pattypan Squash. Isn’t that interesting?

SAM: Pattypan Squash?

ME: Yeah. Isn’t that so funny?


ME: So, now I know that you guys don’t like the green squash. Which is also called… What’s the green one called?

LAUREN: I don’t know.

ME: Zucchini.

SAM: Green squash.

ME: No, Zucchini is the green one. Right?

LAUREN: Yeah. We don’t like that one.

ME: But you guys like Pattypan. How interesting is that?

EMMA: I don’t like Pattypan.

ME: Everyone else does.

SAM: I want Pattypan! I want more Pattypan!

ME: All right. Good, I’m glad we found something you like.


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