Our experiment with green cabbage serves to illustrate an important point when you’re dealing with kids: they’re fickle. Mark my words (in fact, look them up on the site, they’re there for all eternity), the kids liked red cabbage. Loved it. Inhaled it. Which led me to believe that they’d likewise inhale green cabbage. And although Sam was a taker, this gorgeous veg wasn’t received well across the board. But even if I have one victory, it’s a major victory…

ME: Who knows what this is?

SAM: Cabbage.

IN UNISON: Green Cabbage.

SAM: It looks like cheese inside…

ME: Green Cabbage. That’s right. OK. Do you think it’s going to taste the same or different as red cabbage?

SAM: The same.

LAUREN: Different.

EMMA: Different.

ME: Yeah? OK. Let me give you each a piece. You think you’re going to like it? Because you guys love red cabbage right?

ME:  You love Red Cabbage right?


ME: OK, maybe loved is the operative word.

EMMA: I want one of that cabbage.

ME: So, do you want a crunchy piece from the inside or a softer, greener piece?

EMMA: Crunchy.

LAUREN: I want a crunchy piece.

ME: And then you can compare it to the softer piece on the outside.

SAM: UMM…I’ll try it.

ME: Does it taste a little different?

LAUREN: Kind of soft.

ME: Mmmm… What do you think? You like it, Sam?

SAM: It’s good.

ME: Yeah! See, Sam likes cabbage. I’m really impressed by the fact that you like cabbage so much, Sam.

SAM: Not Red Cabbage.

ME: You loved Red Cabbage when we did it before.

LAUREN: I love Red Cabbage!

ME: Which one do you like better: Green Cabbage or Red Cabbage?

SAM: Red Cabbage.

LAUREN:I like Green Cabbage.

ME: I like the Green Cabbage, too.  I mean, I like both of them, but I really love this one. It’s a little sweet.

EMMA: It’s good.

SAM: My tummy hurts.

ME: What’s that, Sam? Your tummy hurts? From the cabbage? Or you’re just hungry for dinner?

SAM: Hungry.

ME: OK. I can make you a salad with some cabbage.

SAM: Hmmm.

ME: There’s a special kind of salad made with cabbage that’s got a special name. Have you guys ever heard of coleslaw? It’s made from cabbage. I can make it for you right now, if you want.

EMMA: Nooo. Nooo.

SAM: Yes.

EMMA: Nooo. Nooo.

ME: Yes? Sam wants to try coleslaw.

EMMA: I don’t!

SAM: It hurts.

ME: What hurts? Your stomach? Sammy, I’ll make you some coleslaw right now. OK?

SAM: I don’t want any coleslaw.

ME: All right. Should we get Green Cabbage again, guys?

SAM: Yes.

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