Last Tuesday was Veterans Day and the older kids were out of school. Sam had a birthday party that chewed up the middle few hours of the day, leaving Lauren and I with some much anticipated one-on-one time.

There was a time when it was always like this. Just me, my girl, and a front-loading baby carrier with all of New York City to explore. I took her to museums, to restaurants, to Central Park and to the Hudson River where we’d spend hours wandering.

The need to explore is in her blood. It’s in mine. I’m restless by nature, which is why this city feeds my soul.


We headed up to Sam’s birthday party at a movie theater near Penn Station. On the way we passed the James A. Farley post office, one of the city’s landmark buildings.

It seemed fitting to peer inside since the kids have always asked me about this building. It’s impressive in size and stature, taking up an entire city block, its entrance made prominent with a set of solid Greek columns. Today its stairs attract drifters from neighboring Penn Station, but step inside and you’re transported to an earlier era. A time when ceilings were gilded even lowly government buildings were considered a thing of beauty.

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We dropped Sam off at his event, and then Lauren and I rode the subway to Midtown. Our goal was to watch some of the Veterans Day parade, and then spend some time at one of our favorite museums.

Holidays typically mean street fairs in this city, and last week was no exception, with one set up directly in front of the museum.



We tried just about everything….

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…including the street meat. Normally I stay away from meat that’s not organic/local or humanely raised, but not wanting to rain on Lauren’s food parade, I kept my mouth shut. There are moments to teach, and there are moments to let go.


Speaking of parades, we watched some of the live action. While the kids learn about Veterans Day at school, it’s great to attend these kinds of events in person. It gives meaning to the concept of remembrance beyond pictures on a page.

We worked our way back to the MOMA, passing the sights and feeling the energy of the city. We don’t find ourselves in Midtown often, and in some ways it feels like another city.

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The MOMA, what can I say. I love this place. And I love this window. Just past a series of Picassos you can peer out onto West 54th street. It’s like a coffee-free rest stop in our endless loop through galleries and special exhibits.

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The exhibit this week was Henri Matisse’s “The Cut-Outs”. There’s a whole story behind the images, and I won’t go into details except to tell you that visiting the gallery was magical.


There’s always so much to see at the MOMA…

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…not to mention the building, which is a work of art in itself…

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At last it was time to pick up a pooped out Kindergartener at Burgers and Cupcakes and lead the kids home.

Even the birds gave us a final performance as we turned the last corner and headed into our apartment, weary and appreciative of all that we have.


It was a good day; a great day; a day to live fully, to be thankful, and to remember.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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