I found these Abate Fetel Pears at Whole Foods and wanted to give them a try. The name alone makes it sample-worthy, but it has the most beautiful green and blush pink color. I usually like to buy locally-grown produce, and these ones are from imported from Italy, but I had a feeling that the kids would love this week’s investigation. And in the process, I’ve found my new favorite pear. If you can find this variety, make sure to give it a try – it’s juicy and really flavorful. 

ME: OK, do you know what the mystery food is?

LAUREN: I want to see it! [gasp] Oh yeah! I really wanted to try that one.

ME: Look how pretty it is.

LAUREN: It’s so pretty. Can I hold it?

ME: Yeah. It’s kind of like pink on one side…

LAUREN: Yeah! It feels weird too.

ME: Yeah, it feels a little gritty doesn’t it?

ME: Well, that’s why we touch things and explore things, right?

LAUREN: It feels like it’s been rolled in dirt.

ME: [laughing] Rolled in dirt – that’s a funny one.

EMMA: Ooo…

ME:  Can I have it, Emma?

LAUREN: Can I feel it again? It feels kind of cool.

ME: Yeah, you can feel it one more time.

SAM: UGH.  Yuck.

LAUREN: It’s like a lizard’s skin. Kind of. Right?

ME: Yeah, it does feel like a lizard’s skin. What a good description!

ME: What do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?

LAUREN: I think it’s going to look like green – like a regular pear.

SAM: I think it’s like a regular pear: white.

LAUREN: Maybe white or green like a regular pear.

ME: You guys ready for it?


ME: Pink?


SAM: Told ya!


ME: Just like a regular pear.

SAM: I said white.

EMMA: [singing]

ME: OK, who wants the first bite?

ME: Lauren’s fighting for it, first. There you go.

ME: I didn’t even tell you what these are called! They’ve got the funniest names.

EMMA: I want the pink!

LAUREN: There’s no pink one.

ME: There is a pink side! There is a blush pink side of this pear, isn’t there? You’re right. There is a pink side. Here you go.

ME: These are called Abate Fetel Pears, isn’t that a strange name?


ME: Do you love it? They’re a little bit like a Bosc pear, aren’t they?

SAM: It tastes like…

ME: It tastes like, what?!

LAUREN: [laughing] Why are we tasting a pear for mystery food?!

SAM: It tastes like me!

ME: It tastes like meat?!


ME: Like you?! Oh! Like if you were to eat your arm, it tastes like this… the texture, you mean?


SAM: Mmm hmm.

ME: Lauren, there’s no such thing as a regular pear. There are all kinds of varieties. Even you’re regular pear, is a certain kind of pear – Bosc or Comice. Or we tried Asian pears…

SAM: Mmm… my arms taste good.  

ME: So, guys, should we get this one again?

ALL: Yeah.

ME: Yeah.

SAM: Let me see what the bone looks like… inside.

EMMA: The seeds!

ME: This is not called the bone. It’s called the pit.

LAUREN: It’s called the core.

ME: Whoops, you’re right Lauren. The core.

LAUREN: Can we open the core?

SAM: I can do it! I can do it!

LAUREN: Give me a pear.

ME: Can you cut it crosswise?

SAM: I will! I will! I will!

ME: OK. I don’t know if I like you using knives.

Sam tries hacking at it with a butter knife

LAUREN: No, you break it.

ME: Oh OK.

LAUREN: There you go.

ME: Thanks Bear. That’s what it looks like on the inside. It kind of looks the same, doesn’t it?

LAUREN: Yeah, it’s weird.

SAM: Here you go, I cut it!

ME: This was really fun. I liked this one. Did you guys like it?

ALL: Mmm hmm.

ME: Yeah, me too. Let’s get these again.

SAM: I cut the core!

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