cactus_pear 005

The cactus pear was a big fat whopping disappointment of a challenge food. Not only did the tiny needles work their way into a few of my fingers, but the interior also tasted like potatoes and mud. I was so excited when I cut open the pear and saw the ruby interior. Looks can be deceiving, that’s all I can say.

ME: Do you guys know what this is called?

LAUREN: Ugly fruit?

ME: No, we ate the ugli fruit, you remember that one right?

LAUREN: I said Oogly fruit.

ME: OK, well it’s not that either.

LAUREN: Is it a kind of fruit?

ME: Yes. What is it called?

LAUREN: Well it kind of looks like Sam’s big head.

ME: That’s not nice.

LAUREN: I mean not the color.

ME: Again, not nice.

SAM: My head is big. My head is going to be like MegaMind!

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