This week I brought home some micro greens from the Farmers’ Market.  What I didn’t know is that prior to our mystery food session, Rodney had taken the kids out for donuts and movie popcorn. So while I was running errands with Emma, Lauren and Sam were feasting on more junk than I usually eat in a week.

So what I’m trying to say is that micro greens were off to a horrible start. But miracle of all miracles, even after the sugar and the salt, Lauren said that she liked them. Loved them actually. Especially with a little drizzle of oil and salt. Can’t say I blame her after the morning she had. But I’m eager to get more of these greens into the rotation.

ME: This mystery food is micro greens.  What does it look like?

SAM: It looks like bananas.  It looks like strawberry ice cream.

LAUREN: I think it looks like clear donuts, with clear frosting.

ME: Are we looking at the same thing or is there a dessert hidden somewhere?

LAUREN: Donuts.

ME: Why donuts?

LAUREN: Because we just ate them.

ME: Who?

LAUREN: Us!  I had strawberry.

ME: What? No wonder!  Who took you?

LAUREN: We got it from Daddy. Dunkin’ Donuts.

ME: So that’s how he gets you to eat your lunch.

ME: Why’d you get Dunkin’ Donuts?

LAUREN: Because it was our special day going to the movies. We got popcorn.

ME: What? You got popcorn and donuts today?

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Steak-saladWhen it comes to farmers’ market visits, I’m ashamed to say that I hibernate like a bear.  I stay indoors, hunkered down in front of my laptop, ordering butternut squash and broccoli crowns from Fresh Direct and pretending I’m OK with it.  I do love the farmers’ market, but for most of the winter, it’s just too cold and dreary to head outside for the predictable assortment of apples and root vegetables.

But this weekend, the skies parted, and we were gifted with one of those glorious near-spring days.  The kind of day that puts a bounce in your step and jumpstarts you out of your bad habits.  It’s such a treat to live near the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City. Not only do I love to walk around the many stalls, but the kids also have a blast checking out all the crazy produce.  Purple carrots, candy cane-colored potatoes, and of course the massive containers of their favorite Honeycrisp apples.


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