pepinomelonThere was a lot of talk about skin this week, which truthfully isn’t the most appetizing way to talk about fruit. But I have to agree with the kids – this was definitely one of those fruits where you weren’t sure if you were supposed to eat the skin or not. Kind of like the Cuke-asaurus.  But despite all of the skin confusion and a touch of mealiness, the guys seemed to like it.

And I’ll give her another try based on looks alone. I mean isn’t this really the supermodel of the melon world?  Cantaloupe is so jealous that she’s got that scaly skin and can spread salmonella and listeria like the plague.  Sometimes the world just isn’t fair.

ME: OK, what is this called guys? (No answer)

ME: It’s called a Pepino Melon. What does this look like?

LAUREN: I think it looks like a seed.  A really big seed.

SAM: I think it looks like a big monster.

LAUREN: I think it looks like a potato.

ME: Who wants to touch it?

LAUREN: Me! Hmmm, I feel a little dry spot.

(several minutes go by, with lots of time spent touching the dry spot)

ME: OK, this is taking a long time.

LAUREN: Well, with a little scratch, it feels like a little bit of dirt.

ME: What about you Sam?

SAM: Wet!

LAUREN: That’s because she just washed it Sam.

ME: And who wants to smell it?

LAUREN: Me. It kind of smells like a real lemon.  But it kind of smells a little lighter.

ME: A little lighter than real lemon?

LAUREN: Yeah. Because a real lemon smells really, really strong.

LAUREN: And this lemon has a lighter smell.

LAUREN: I can’t wait to see the inside!

ME: Me too!

LAUREN: Now let’s smell the inside.

LAUREN: Now it smells like the other mystery food before.  I think it was kind of potatoey.

ME: Hm, the sunchoke?

LAUREN: No. It’s like a potato.

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