We did it! We reached the end of our 52-week challenge. And since we’ve had way too much fun with it, we’re heading into another year of new foods. 

But before we get there, here’s a snapshot of this week’s food: clementines.

With clementines, we’ve now covered nearly all things orange, and my informal survey says that most are winners. Except for the ugli fruit which was visually unappealing, but tasted great.

So here we go…

ME: The mystery food that I have tonight is….

LAUREN: Couple seed? Couple pit?

ME: Couple seed?

EMMA: It tastes like orange. It tastes like juice.

ME: It’s an orange but it’s a special kind of orange.

SAM: Gravy?

ME: No. Have you ever heard of the name tangerine? You have (Lauren)? And you have (Sam)? And you have (Emma)? (All three nod) Where have you guys heard about it?

LAUREN: School.

ME: Cool, what do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?

LAUREN: Reddish pink? 

ME: Nope, smell it.

EMMA: It looks like orange!

SAM: It smells like a butterfly.

LAUREN: It’s the freshest smell in the world.

EMMA: Mmmm….it smells like garbage.

ME: No, we’re not saying that anymore. I don’t think the fruits like it when we say that. I’m going to take the seeds out and then you can try it. Whoa, this is the juiciest thing I’ve ever seen.

LAUREN: Can I try it first?

ME: OK, one for Lauren. This one’s for Sam. Let me get you some napkins because it’s really juicy. What do you think Lauren?


ME: Just good or amazing.

LAUREN: Yeah, amazing!

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Satsuma oranges were all the rage in our house around Christmas when we were going overboard on all things citrus, from tangerines to mandarin oranges. And Satsuma oranges might just be the prettiest of the bunch with their beautiful green stems. It beats me why we waited so long to try them as part of our challenge, but I’m glad that we finally did. We didn’t get any earth-shattering reactions from the kids, but still a fun fruit to explore.

ME: What is this called?

LAUREN: An orange!

ME: Yeah, but it’s a special kind of orange. Have you ever seen an orange with the leaves still attached? See? The leaves are still attached.

EMMA: It looks like cranberry juice.

ME: We did an orange a long time ago.

LAUREN: But it was much bigger.

ME: Yeah, it was bigger and it kind of had a funny shape didn’t it?

LAUREN: Yeah. The ugly orange.

ME: Lauren you have such a good memory.

EMMA: It’s kind of like orange juice.

ME: OK, so be careful, I don’t want you guys to poke yourselves with the stem. These are special oranges and you find them in the grocery store with the stems attached. I don’t know why they still have the stems attached, but let’s see what it looks like on the inside.


LAUREN: It kind of looks like a clementine.

ME: It does look like a clementine. Smell it.

LAUREN: It smells a little different when it’s open. This smells a little lighter and clementines smell a little darker.

ME: What does it taste like?

LAUREN: It tastes like kind of sour, and kind of sweet. A little more sour and sweeter than a real orange.  Because it can’t taste the same.

SAM: It tastes like sweet potatoes.

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