We already knew that we liked brown lentils, but figured that we’d give red lentils a try. When cooked, red lentils fall apart much more easily so they’re not great for lentil salads or other dishes where they need to keep their shape. But they have a wonderful flavor, and a less-gritty texture than brown lentils making them a hit with two of our guys.

Apologies for side-tracking about rum, but this mystery food challenge drove me to the bottle.

ME: Guys, who’s ready to get their mystery food on?

LAUREN: I just tried it.

ME: You can’t try it yet. Hang on until everyone is here. Where’s Fay? Emma get your booty over here.

ME: Guess what we’re trying for mystery food (shakes red lentils), red lentils! Who’s tried red lentils before?

EMMA: Those are chips.

ME: What do they look like?

LAUREN: The littlest cherry tomatoes in the world.

ME: Oh they do.

EMMA: It looks like juice.

ME: Sam what do you think?

SAM: Uh nothing.

ME: Can you believe that when you cook red lentils it turns to this! (shows the brown mound of lentils). Doesn’t it look different?

SAM: That’s glass.

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red_lentilsYellow lentils were a non-event this week as the kids felt that they tasted exactly like the brown lentils from their lentil soup. Snooze.

To make it a little more interesting for the readers at home though, here are some little-known factoids: Lentils (as Lauren pointed out) are actually seeds that grow in pods, usually two seeds per pod, and they were one of the first crops ever domesticated, between 9,500 to 13,000 years ago.

Maybe one day the kids will get as excited about lentils as I do. I just love them for their earthy taste and ability to take a starring role in just about any kind of cuisine. Hopefully next week’s challenge will be a little more talk-worthy, like the mangosteen, cuke-asaurus, and ugli fruit.

ME: These are yellow lentils. Cool, right? What do they look like?

LAUREN: They look like seeds.

ME: Sam?

SAM: Seeds.

LAUREN: They look kind of like flat chickpeas.

SAM: Mine is a circle.

LAUREN: All of them are.

SAM: A circled head.

LAUREN: A little circled head.

ME: What do they smell like?

LAUREN: Kind of nothing.

ME: What does it feel like in your hand?

SAM: This is my hand.

LAUREN: Kind of thickish.

ME: Oh it does.

LAUREN: What if we shake it?

LAUREN: Nothing.

ME: What does it taste like?

SAM: Can I have a spoon?

LAUREN: They taste like regular lentils. Like the lentils in lentil soup.

LAUREN: It tastes like real lentils.

ME: So did you guys like the lentils?