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I recently started to use Siri on my iPhone.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to start using it. I’m not opposed to the technology like some, secretly believing that machines are taking over the world.   In my favorite picture of Rodney, he’s disguised as a cyborg, so I’m actually very machine-human friendly.

The actual reason is that I finally got myself an iPhone 5. And all the rumors are true.  Siri really is life-changing.  I can now command orders like “Siri, send my husband an email!” or “Set reminder: need to buy vinegar!” Siri makes the mundane so thrilling, like I’m living in my own Bourne Identity movie. A shaky camera follows me as I brush my teeth and get dressed for the day.  “Siri, call Rodney!”

But one of Siri’s most useful applications is that she helps decode my nearly 2-year old’s language.

For any of you with young children, I’m sure you know the drill.  When Emma and I “talk” it generally involves me scrunching my face, looking at her puzzled, laughing in recognition at what she just said, and then turning to Rodney and whispering “I have no idea what she just said.”

To an innocuous question such as “Emma, where are your shoes?” the response is generally “Mini-man”.

“What would you like for dinner?”


“What color is the block?”


“Where is Emma?”


Although she’s starting to speak in clear sentences, she still favors a few words that are indecipherable.

I decided to reach out to Siri as a last attempt to break down the language barrier.

Fortunately, Siri with her no-nonsense attitude and quick detective skills, was able to provide a window into my little one’s mind.   

“Siri, what is “a-bud-ta-day?” 


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