RadishesI don’t know, maybe the kids were misbehaving or something.  Because radishes are kind of like punishment for a kid, not a fun vegetable to try together.  Maybe I was thinking that I’d find out that all of my kids really like spicy food and I could start making them blazing hot Thai curries for dinner rather than the plainer meals I tend to make.  However, it did end up being one of our more engaging mystery food challenges, until it wrapped up quickly at the end.

ME: “What does it look like?”

LAUREN: “I think it looks like…”

SAM: “A tomato.”

LAUREN: “A little tomato.”

SAM: “It looks like a small and smaller potato.”

ME: “What does it feel like?”

LAUREN: “Well it’s kind of smooth.”

ME: “What do you think like Sam?”

SAM: “Ya ya ya ya.”

ME: “Emma, what do you think?”

EMMA: “Mooth (smooth).”

ME: “What does it smell like?”

SAM: “Yuck.”

LAUREN: “I think it smells a little bit like apples.”

ME: “Cool.  Do you want me to cut into it so that I can show you the inside?”

LAUREN: “Not mine.”

ME: “What color do you think it’s going to be on the inside?”

LAUREN: “I think it’s going to be pink.  Because it looks really pinkish.”

ME: “What color do you think it’s going to be on the inside Sam?”

SAM: “Bee bee bee bee.  Blue!”

ME: “Baby blue?”

LAUREN: “Well, I think it’s going to be reddish pink.”

ME: “What color do you think it’s going to be on the inside Emma?”

EMMA: “Cut it!”

ME: “OK, here I’m going to cut it right down the center, TADA!”

LAUREN: (GASP) “White!”

ME: “White!  Are you guys surprised?”

LAUREN: “Yeah!”

ME: “Now smell it.”

LAUREN: “Now it really smells like apples.  Sweet apples.”

SAM: “Can you cut mine?”

LAUREN: “Me too!”

ME: “Sam’s is actually a little pinky on the inside.”

ME: “Emma don’t eat the green part on the end!”

What do you think it tastes like Emma?”

EMMA: “Water.”

ME: “I’m going to try mine too because it looks so delicious.”

ME: “What does it taste like Lauren?”

LAUREN: “Well, kind of yummy, but a little spicy.”

EMMA: “Picy (Spicy).”

SAM: “I hate radishes.”

LAUREN: “Ok, I give it back.” (starts to fake hyperventilate)

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