CoconutWhat’s with the strawberry and banana theme?  Maybe the kids were knocking back strawberry banana Pina Coladas on some kind of kids’ night out.  I blame our trip to Jamaica last year.  They clearly snuck out while Rodney and I were sleeping.  I’ve been somewhat nervous to try coconut at home with Lauren because of her nut allergies.  Even though she’s never reacted to it in her blood tests, I don’t trust those results 100%.  But she was fine, which is great because I love to cook with it – baking, curries, granola.  You name it.  We just weren’t psyched to eat it straight from the shell.

ME: “Ok you guys each want a piece of coconut?”

ME: “Here we go, what does it look like?”

SAM: “It looks like strawberry coconut water.”

ME: “I want you to describe something without saying the words strawberry or banana.”

SAM: “Banana.”

ME: “I want you to stretch your brain.  So, so far.  What does it look like? Stretch it out.”

SAM: “A banana.”

ME: “Lauren, what do you think?”

LAUREN: “I think looking at Sam’s it looks like an ice cream cone.  Without the ice cream.”

ME: “What do you think about the color?”

LAUREN: “White!”

ME: “Sam, what about you?”

SAM: “Strawberry–colored.”

ME: “What does it sound like when you knock it on the ground?”

LAUREN: “I think when you rub it, it sounds like bees.”

ME: “Interesting.”

LAUREN:  “And when you bang it, it sounds like a strawberry banging.”

ME: “What does it smell like?”

LAUREN: “I think it smells like banana and strawberry.”

ME: “That seems to be a popular description with you two.  I’m going to smell it.  It smells kind of tropical like suntan lotion.”

ME: “Now here’s the best part: you get to lick it first, then bite it.”

SAM: “I don’t want to bite it.”

ME: “Thoughts guys?”

SAM: “The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.”

ME: “Want to bite it?”

EMMA: “It’s ducky (yucky).”

ME: “What do you think Sam?”

SAM: “I don’t want to taste mine.”

ME: “What do you think Lauren?”

LAUREN: “It tastes like strawberry and banana.”

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