Sometimes the world is a tough place for Sam. It’s not easy being a middle child, but on top of it all, he’s had to deal with this recently:


He watched his sister pull off a Tsukahara Double Pike at the water park. Once he got over his shock, he realized that he needs to step up his athletic game big time.


After the gymnastics debacle, he was sent to the dentist. The stuffed animals were freakish, not calming. Lauren disagreed.


He watched his dog get hauled off to jail for stealing a peanut butter bone from the pet store.


Recognizing that he’s been under a ton of pressure, I offered to buy him a vodka lemonade, which he gladly accepted.


The temporary good times ended when I took him to a cheese store.


I made him wear a fake mustache.
“Why?” he asked.
“Because the cops are outside” I answered.


Lastly, his sister made him wear a Hawaiian coconut bra.


All of this left him feeling pretty small and confused.


So he did what any preschooler would do. He channeled his spiritual guru and asked for her advice. She recommended 5 Chaturangas followed by a Sarvangasana. Oddly, it seems to be working, and he’s been a lot happier lately. Namaste everyone, may the force be with you, have a blissful week, and stay out of trouble.

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