We had guests at the lake this weekend, yes, those crazy two “Roby & Rihanna” with their little munchkins. I love it when people visit. It means having an excuse to drink excessive amounts of wine, eat lots of good food, and watch our kids hang out with their friends.

We were a little concerned that the weather might not cooperate despite the decent forecast for the weekend. Gray skies and fog greeted us when we arrived on Saturday morning.

Undeterred, Rodney got to work mowing the lawn in his favorite lawn mowing outfit. Those would be sharks on his pink shorts. I bought the shorts for him in Nantucket one year and he looked at me like I was crazy. They remained balled up in the closet for years, but I kept the faith, knowing that one day he’d come around. Because quite simply, they’re awesome.


While Rodney mowed, I started prepping a few ingredients for the weekend. Sam, ecstatic that I’d bought him a new basketball, was incredibly disappointed to find out that these were in fact just really big beets. I’ve been such a vegetable pusher these days, I’m sure that he knew he’d be facing that thing on his dinner plate sometime soon.


Roby and Rihanna arrived and were greeted with a plateful of olives. It was the least I could do given that I didn’t have a gin & tonic waiting, as promised. Rodney nixed the idea because it would set the wrong tone for the weekend. I don’t know who he’s trying to kid, but that sets the exact right tone in my book.


It wasn’t long before we convinced Roby that waterskiing in October is a perfectly acceptable activity. We strapped him to some skis, threw him overboard and turned our attention to the boat’s stereo system. Our major boat crisis is that we haven’t updated our Ipod in several years and are stuck listening to Top 40 songs from 2010. With Eminem’s “Love the way you lie” kicking into high gear, I turned around to see that, no longer interested in waterskiing, Roby had set fire to his skis in an attempt to keep warm.


Finally out of the water and back on land, the kids made a motion to head over to our neighbor’s beach. Without having asked for permission to hang out on his property, we made ourselves right at home, allowing our kids to eat his sand and use his dock as a launching platform for a series of power moves. This one was called the “mashed potato” jump, which looked eerily similar to the “crazy face” jump and the “rocket smasher” jump.


It sure is nice to trespass. What a view….


Sadly, on Sunday after a lazy breakfast, it was time for Roby & Rihanna to pack up their things and go. Jackson, having felt a wee bit neglected all weekend, decided to attempt a Freddy Krueger slashing of our screen door.


Even scarier was the black widow/brown recluse/tarantula hybrid that we found spinning a giant web under our porch.


Clearly our guests left just in time. Well, almost, they did miss out on this….Feet up on couch, dog in lap, beer in hand, the perfect relaxation session. The best kind of ending to the best kind of weekend.


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