Another Halloween post? Bear with me, because I couldn’t do the holiday justice without a little post-date wrap-up.

Heading into Halloween is always a bit of a challenge. This year was no different. Starting with the wrong outfit that came in the mail. I had ordered an Ariel crown from some untrustworthy online store that I found in a Google search and they sent me a pair of angel wings instead. Not the worst issue, they could have sent me worse. So I decided that for the first year since my early 20s, I’d dress up for the holiday.

The problem is that the kids fought over those wings for two straight weeks.


Finally, older sister prevailed, convincing her younger sister that she was in fact rocking it like Beyonce in her original bee costume. Problem solved.

Lauren and Emma

Sam was over the moon about his Werewolf costume. Here, we have the many faces of Werewolf. Confused wolf (1), affable wolf (2), helpful wolf (3), and scary pantsless wolf (4).


Emma, continuing to revel in her newfound fame as a rock star princess bee, tried to mix and match her costume with her entire wardrobe, sometimes all at once. Here she chose to wear her bee costume with a shearling winter coat, striped leggings, navy blue boys’ socks, and sparkly TOMS.


It may please you to know that I won back my angel wings and did in fact dress up, pairing my wings with a wig that would have made Hugh Hefner drool. He’s probably chronically drooling, so to be more specific, drool more than usual.


Believe it or not, New York City can be a fascinating place to Trick or Treat. You never know what you’ll find. In West Chelsea we stumbled upon a sweet little girl dressed as a freaky character from a horror movie chalking some graffiti on a construction project.


If she had been writing the words “REDRUM” or “They’re heeeeere” I might have backpedalled pretty quickly. But since her graffiti looked friendly enough, I stood around long enough to snap a quick pic. Then dragged my kids across the street because I didn’t actually see her face, and it’s quite possible that she had no face, and that would have really ended the night on a sour note. More fun was found elsewhere in the neighborhood. A few more stops included:


1. The sunglasses store, 2. The 10th Precinct (thank you officers!), 3. The club/lounge gearing up for it’s mega Halloween event, 4. The cake pop bakery, 5. The Men’s retailer Rufskin, 6. The Chinese delivery takeout window, 7. The lingerie store Sugar Cookies, 8. The deli (That’s Emma crying because her bag just broke), and 9. The frozen yogurt shop where we ended things with a blazing hot dance party.

Basically I introduced my kids to your standard Saturday night as a 20-something in NYC. And they saw how amazingly fun it was. This is clearly why kids grow up too quickly in NYC. It’s all Halloween’s fault. Next year we’ll have to trick or treat in New Jersey in our quaint little lakeside community where you don’t have to question whether the adult dressed as a 6-foot flamingo is in costume or not.

So hope you all had a smokin’ hot Halloween, from our family to yours.

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