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Mikey where are you? MIKEY!!

If you read last week’s post, you’ll understand the significance of Mikey and why he’s so important to our mystery food challenge. Mikey was not here with us this week. Mikey was not interested at all in our new food. Not even after I told her that she could chase the tiny little monster seeds and eat them. She had Cookie Doodle on the brain and once that happens, attention is a thing of the past.

It’s not like I was encouraging them to try radishes or beets, we’re talking kiwi here. Kiwi is one of my favorite fruits. As a kid I used to swipe every last piece from a buffet table’s fruit platter; my tongue would be raw for two days. How my kids don’t like kiwi is beyond me…

ME: Guys what’s this called?

SAM: Banana!

ME: It’s not a banana.

SAM: Spaghetti and meatballs!

ME: It’s not a banana. It’s not spaghetti and meatballs.

SAM: An orange!

ME: It’s not an orange. Why don’t we let Emma answer.

EMMA: It looks like a little bit of juice.

ME: Cool, Lauren what is this?

LAUREN: I forgot what it is.

ME: Does it start with a K?

LAUREN: Kiche?

ME: No, it’s not quiche.

ME: It’s called….

SAM: Kiwi!

ME: Good job Sam. What does it look like on the inside?

SAM: I don’t know.

LAUREN: We don’t really know what it’ll look like.

ME: Any guesses?

LAUREN: Well maybe a dark…..a dirty green. Well a really light dirty green.

ME: Did you see this?

LAUREN: No! I’m just guessing!

ME: Here’s the cool part, these tiny little seeds.

EMMA: It looks like a banana.

LAUREN: Do you eat the seeds?

ME: Yeah, you eat the seeds. Who wants to smell it?

SAM: Garbage.

ME: Garbage? What do you think it smells like Emma?

LAUREN: I’m always last.

ME: You’re going to taste it first.

EMMA: I don’t want to taste it.

ME: Lauren, please give me a good description, that isn’t about garbage.

SAM: Fresh air!

ME: Yeah, it’s got a really clean floral smell I think.

EMMA: I want to do Cookie Noodle (Cookie Doodle)

SAM: I have to go to the bathroom.

ME: OK, who wants to taste it?

EMMA: Not me!

LAUREN: Me, me, me, me!

ME: Good, right?

LAUREN: A little.

ME: Emma you’re next, you’re going to taste how delicious it is. You want to eat the little monster seeds?


ME: Who’s going to eat the monster seeds? Say “I’m going to get you monster, I’m going to get you little seed!” (eating some kiwi)

EMMA: Hey, don’t taste it!

ME: I love it. Who else liked it? Lauren says it’s a sideways thumb. I think they taste a little bit like bananas.


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