Purple sweet potatoes

According to the kids, purple sweet potatoes taste just like spaghetti squash. I disagree. While they’re both sweet, they couldn’t be more different in texture. We settled into our familiar pattern: Emma loved it, Lauren tolerated it with a smile on her face, and Sam was completely disinterested. I actually prefer these sweet potatoes to the traditional garnet yams which are a little too cloying. If you haven’t branched out and tried different varieties of sweet potatoes, now’s the time.

ME: OK, so we’re going to try something that looks like this….

LAUREN: Potato!

ME: It’s actually not a potato. Well it’s not a regular potato. OK, it’s starting to drip everywhere!

ME: What does it look like?

LAUREN: Well bigger than a regular potato. And it’s purple.

ME: What color is it going to be on the inside?

ME: Pinkish yellow.

SAM: Green.

ME: It’s purple. I’m going to give each of you a little spoon of it.  Emma, you’re first because you’re a really good taster. What do you think?

LAUREN: It tastes like noodles.

EMMA: I really like it, it tastes like doodle soup.

ME: Like noodle soup? Yeah, it kind of has a starchy flavor doesn’t it.

LAUREN: It tastes like the potato noodles.

ME: What are those?

LAUREN: Remember when you scooped the noodles out?

ME: Oh, the spaghetti squash. I guess it has a similar flavor.

LAUREN: It’s called Sensivility.

ME: Thank you. What does it taste like?

EMMA: Can I have more?

ME: Lauren you want more too?


ME: But you had two bites already. I’m really impressed. And Sam is about to taste his first bite.

EMMA: More!

SAM: I don’t like it.

ME: High five for trying. Good job buddy.

LAUREN: I didn’t get a high five.

ME: Well you get a high five for other things. Guys, you didn’t even ask what this vegetable is.

LAUREN: What is it?

ME: It’s a purple sweet potato.


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