Napa cabbage

We had such great success with red cabbage earlier this year that I thought Napa cabbage would be a shoe in. Aside from the Michael Jackson situation that we’ll all forget together, it was a great experiment. Napa cabbage, happening again, soon. And feel free to use the squiggly little friend line, it worked like a charm. 

ME: Look guys. What is this silly vegetable?

LAUREN: It looks like salad greens.

ME: Yeah?  Sam, look at it.  Want to reach in and grab one?  It’s squiggly. You can hold them in your hand.

SAM: No.

ME: It’s like a little friend. You guys have actually tried something similar to this already this year.  It was one of the first —

EMMA: Let’s eat it.

ME:  — foods that you tried.

LAUREN: Cabbage. Oh my god, so good.

ME: Yeah!  Stop shoveling it into your mouth like that, you’ll choke.

EMMA: Yeah.

ME: So do you remember when we tried red cabbage?  You guys all liked red cabbage.  So maybe you will like this kind of cabbage, which is called… Napa cabbage. 

SAM: It’s like a little friend. [giggling]

ME: Lauren seems to like it.  Emma, have you tried your Napa cabbage yet?


ME: No?  You gotta tell me what it tastes like.

EMMA: Salad.

ME: It tastes like salad?  Lauren, what do you think it tastes like, because you always have great descriptions.  By the way, you’re also wearing it on your shoulders, on each side of your body. Was that an accident? Did you realize that you’re wearing it?

LAUREN:  Um no.

ME: It’s like a Michael Jackson jacket, like you’re wearing shoulder embellishments on each side. How did that happen? I can only assume that it was from when you were fisting cabbage into your mouth and it dropped on your shoulders.

ME: So, um, what does it taste like, or do you just like to wear it?

LAUREN: I just like to wear it.

SAM: Me too.

ME: Ok.  Don’t put them in the hole of your jeans Sam.  You put the cabbage friend in your mouth.

SAM: [puts in mouth]

ME: Are you eating your cabbage friend?  What does it taste like?

SAM: It tastes like red cabbage.

ME: Would you like some more cabbage friends Sam?  Because I think they like you a lot.

SAM: [humming]

ME: And you can either hang out with them for a little or you can eat them right away. Emma do you like yours?

EMMA:  It broke.

ME: Do you want a longer piece? Lauren stop stuffing cabbage into your mouth. I wouldn’t normally mind because you’re eating vegetables. But it’s a bit weird at the dinner table.

ME: Ok.  Should we get this stuff again?  These squiggly little friends?

LAUREN:  Uh huh (mouth full), yes.

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