At the risk of sounding like a one-trick pony, we had another fun weekend up at the lake this weekend.

In what’s supposed to be an annual event, but doesn’t always happen, our lake plays host to the New Jersey power boat races, which draws racers from all over North America.

Since we’re heading into our fourth summer up there, and have missed this weekend on occasion, it was our first time seeing the event live. And it’s a pretty amazing event, lasting two days. The boats are built like race cars with carbon fiber restraints that keep the drivers safe in case of a crash. As you can imagine, having 2-5 boats on the water at a time makes a ton of noise.

But it’s pretty fun to kick back with a beer or two and watch the event. Since the races were happening right in front of our house, we got to view them from every vantage point, including up on the porch…


…and down on the dock.


I mixed up a batch of Micheladas, my first time giving the recipe a try, and although it wasn’t Rodney’s favorite cocktail, I’m totally hooked. Definitely my new summer drink.

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Although the girls lost interest in the boat races pretty early, I had two other viewing companions…


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And of course Rodney was down to watch them all weekend from the comfort of our double occupancy floatie. We quite possibly made bum imprints in the rubber. But that’s what happens when you buy a 2-man floatie with a built-in wine bucket.




But it wasn’t all fun and games this weekend. There was work to do. Cars had to be washed…


… newfound pet toads had to be tended to…..

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(Skipper was released later that evening after we attempted to feed him a moth and decided that an orange bucket was no home for a toad.)

And of course, the one thing that happens most often around here, people need to be fed…

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We’ve lucked out with some beautiful early June weather, so let’s hope that our trend continues over the rest of the summer. Crossing fingers….

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