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Once in a while I choose a horrible time to try new foods. This seemed like a perfect chance – the kids were all sitting in the living room quietly, waiting for me to bombard them with a plate of who-knows-what. Lauren was actually doing her homework, Emma was tired and practically falling asleep. The only eager and willing participant was Sam, who unsurprisingly was the only person to like these adorable little munchkin peppers. Just baby versions of the fully-grown orange, yellow and red peppers that you see in the store. If it weren’t for the seeds, which are a little harder to remove, I’d get these more often.

ME: Guys!

EMMA: [groans] This is peppers. 

ME: Well, they’re not just regular peppers. Look at them, they’re called… they’re Baby Peppers.

SAM: Are they spicy?

ME: They’re babies. They’re not spicy.

ME: Who wants to try one?


SAM: I’ll try!

ME: You want to try a red one?

LAUREN: Which one are you going to try?

ME: Which one am I going to try? Maybe an orange one.

SAM: I’ll try a yellow one.

ME: Do you think that they’re going to taste like the regular?

SAM: No.


ME: Let’s see…

EMMA: I’m not tasting one.

ME: Yeah, those are all of the seeds inside.  It’s in a little pod. How cute!

LAUREN: I didn’t eat the bottom. [laughing]

ME: …eat around the seeds. What do you think?


ME: Did you get a bite of seeds?

SAM: The seeds look scary.  (To his credit, the seeds in a baby bell pepper do look a little insect-like)

ME: Why do they look scary? They almost look like bugs, don’t they?


ME: But they’re not. Do you like it as much as regular peppers?


ME: What do you think Sam? Do you like it as much as regular peppers? Emma, did you try it?

EMMA: Noo I don’t want it.


ME: Did you get some seeds in your mouth?

LAUREN: Mom, I was doing homework.

ME: Ohh…

LAUREN: Now it’s getting all messy on my paper.

ME: Do Red Peppers ruin everything?


ME: But I have a really important question – should we get them again?


SAM: Yeah.

ME: Sam loves his… even with all the seeds. Do you want me to cut you slices with no seeds? Just cut them up into pieces for you? Or do you like eating it on the stem like that. You keep accidentally eating the seeds.

ME: All right, guys, thanks for trying! Thanks Sam – I’m glad you liked it!

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