Sometimes the world is a tough place for Sam. It’s not easy being a middle child, but on top of it all, he’s had to deal with this recently:


He watched his sister pull off a Tsukahara Double Pike at the water park. Once he got over his shock, he realized that he needs to step up his athletic game big time.


After the gymnastics debacle, he was sent to the dentist. The stuffed animals were freakish, not calming. Lauren disagreed.


He watched his dog get hauled off to jail for stealing a peanut butter bone from the pet store.


Recognizing that he’s been under a ton of pressure, I offered to buy him a vodka lemonade, which he gladly accepted.

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Good morning Friday. #morning #walk #street #streetphotography #urban #nyc #chelsea

Good morning Chelsea! What a beautiful view. I love everything about my street: the tree canopy, the brownstones, and dog poop for miles. I should clarify, I don’t actually like the dog poop, but it’s heavenly for my dog, and he needs to enjoy his mornings too. So much to sniff, especially on a warm day.

I lied to you last week. Sort of.

I made you depressed, convincing you that summer was officially over. But just because Labor Day had come and gone, it didn’t mean that summer was actually over. To be truthful, we were still on vacation last week as school didn’t start until yesterday. Meaning that we had 7 whole days after Labor Day to get into trouble.

Here are a few things that we did before school started up. I wouldn’t recommend most of them.

#Breakfast of champions, #dessert for breakfast #chocolate #sweet #latte #deliciousness, time to double down on the workout today.

Speaking of delicious smells, check out my breakfast that morning. A latte and donut from my favorite breakfast spot in NYC, The Doughnut Plant. That would be a chocolate donut, with a chocolate cookie crumb. It’s the most insane breakfast treat if you’re trying to gain a few pounds, which I assume most of us are.

#Lunch with my little guys was great except for one thing #food #frythieves

And there’s no sense in starting off a day with chocolate donuts. That immediately designates the day as a bad eating day, so why not follow it up with a big plate of fries?  Just don’t bring your kids as they’ll eat the fries right off your plate. Which defeats the purpose of your bad eating day. Meaning that you’ll have go for another bad eating day the next day just to keep things even.


Thank goodness for the lake, it always seems to keep me on track. Nothing kickstarts a morning like a gigantic coffee filled to the brim with half and half. Crap, bad drinking day is starting.

I passed the test ) #lake #lakehouse #water #sports #wakeboard #waterski

Might as well continue the bad drinking day and celebrate this win with a massive bottle of champagne. I’m talking Magnum here. The kind you order on New Year’s Eve when you’re traveling in the south of France. Which I assume is yearly for most of us, right?

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#love my littlest lady #nyc

We started the week off on the right foot when Emma decided that she’d rather dress for the Italian Riviera than Northern New Jersey. I told her that her chances of running into Snooki were far greater than the likelihood of meeting Kate Moss, but she was undeterred. Childhood innocence is a wonderful thing.

Back from vacation. School starting next week. After school classes. Homework. How am I going to survive? Maybe I can spend a few more minutes living in our little lake house bubble where the biggest challenge is deciding which wine to drink next. Or figuring out who gets to wakeboard first. Or wondering whether I’ve eaten tomatoes too many times in a row.

We are not naked

Soon after arriving, we stripped down to our birthday suits. Did I tell you that we’re nudists? We are. Well, this week we became nudists for the first time. I think everyone was pretty Zen with the idea. Maybe Sam was a little freaked out.

#massage #lakehouse #besthusbandever

As part of our colony, we make sure that mind, body, and spirit are in full communication. Which means activating all of our Chakras through foot massage and lymphatic drainage. It really works.

My husband thinks I have a foot fetish. Perhaps. Shuck-a-thon about to begin... #healthy #food #corn #vegetables #organic #farm #fresh #goodness

Corn shucking goes twice as fast when you have no pesky clothes for the corn silk to adhere to. Just brush it off and continue with your day. Life-changing, really. Nudism could speed up all kinds of activities, from lawn-mowing to dog hair brushing. 

Drinks on the boat #lakehouse #love

But I have to say that by far, my favorite nude activity is sunset drinks on the boat. While it’s great to be nude on our own property, it’s even better to spread the word about nudism with the broader lake community. Passing other boats gives me such a thrill – the cheers from the other passengers confirms that our lifestyle is something that people accept and support. It feels great to be loved.

Wine time is better with friends #winetime #vacation #vizsla #dogs #animals #dogsofinstagram

Since I ran out of photos that make me look nude, I figured the cat was out of the bag. We’re not nudists. Just regular old people unfortunately. We have dogs who pose like they’re having their portrait taken.

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Wordless Wednesday is taking an exciting new turn this week. This isn’t a permanent direction for our weekly photo update, but over the weekend, I uploaded an Instagram video of Jackson swimming out to Rodney’s paddle board. I got a quick response: “that’s one for Wordless Wednesday.”

Sorry friend, I thought to myself. Instagram videos can’t be embedded into websites.

But of course, it got me searching…and lo and behold – as of June, they actually started to allow it. Who knew? My reaction: “AWESOME!”

Because if there’s anything that I love more than taking odd pictures of kids and dogs, it’s taking odd videos of them.

So enjoy this week’s Wordless Wednesday video edition, courtesy of my dear friend Devon Kennedy – thanks girl, I owe you one.

Now on to the videos: first up, a trip to the Empire Cake to check out their incredible Minion cake. The fact that Sam didn’t immediately notice the 3-foot rotating cake is a testament to their baked goods. Seriously amazing. If you’re ever in Chelsea in NYC, do yourself and your waistline a favor, and check them out.

And I couldn’t leave you waiting for too long before I shared the video of Jackson swimming out to go paddle boarding. What I didn’t catch on tape were the minutes that preceded his swim when he thew a little doggie tantrum about getting left on the dock. There is a reason why the vizsla is dubbed the “velcro dog”. He can’t go a single minute without being in the company of his favorite humans. Which, of course is why I love him…

….and why I let him do this to me:

Inappropriate and undeniable #vizsla #vizslalove #velcrodog #love at first sight


And with all of the pictures I post of Jackson drinking his morning lattes, I’m sure you’ve been wondering about the logistics behind the order. Does he wait in line? Does he get treated like a human customer? Does he say thank you? Hopefully this clarifies things for you. Please ignore the barking at the end. There’s a dog bully who periodically shows up and tries to steal his treats. 

Lastly, if you were wondering why they make the legal driving limit 16 in most states, this might be the answer you were looking for. Fortunately our lake house is in a community where underage driving is not only sanctioned, but highly recommended. This is New Jersey after all, the land of ATV and air chair enthusiasts. 

So thanks for joining this week, and hope you enjoyed the ride.