Once in a while we hit a homerun with our mystery food challenge. And who would have thunk that it would be with a vegetable that I’ve never tried before. I’ve bought kohlrabi on occasion, only to let it wilt and die in the vegetable crisper – it’s one of those vegetables that sent me into a mild panic: do I eat it raw? Should it be cooked? But we’ve been now been eating kohlrabi as part of our regular vegetable rotation, and if you haven’t tried it yet, promise me that you’ll give it a go…

ME: Guys.  What is this called?

LAUREN: Cabbage.

ME: It actually looks like red cabbage, doesn’t it but it’s not.  Do you want to feel it?  Actually, you’ve been touching peanut butter.  Don’t touch it.  Do you want to feel it with like the side of your nose?

SAM:  No.

LAUREN: Ooooh.  It looks like —

ME: Yeah, with the side of your nose.

SAM: OK (feels it with his nose).

ME: Did it feel like cabbage from the side of your nose? Look, Lauren’s feeling it on her nose, too.

LAUREN: It’s a little rough; a little rough and smooth at the same time.

ME: Does it smell like anything?

LAUREN: Yummy. Is it a vegetable?

ME: It is a vegetable.  Do you want to smell it Sam?

LAUREN: Was it in your CSA?

ME: No it wasn’t in my CSA.  I bought it at the store.  It’s called Kohlrabi.  Isn’t that cool?  Have you ever heard that before? 

LAUREN: It’s called Kohlrabi?

SAM: It’s called Cool Rodney?

ME: What do you think it’s going to look like on the inside?

LAUREN: It’s going to be green.

ME: It is green on the inside.  That’s right!

LAUREN: I saw you cutting it.

ME: Oh, you cheated then. 

ME: Ok.  So I’m cutting all this thick purple skin off and then what we can do is — you can eat the inside; you can eat it either raw or you can eat it cooked.

LAUREN: Raw please.

ME: So, we’re going to try it raw, because you guys seem to like our food better when it’s raw than cooked. Why is that?

ME: Ok, here it is. You want to take a bite?

LAUREN: Yummy.

ME: Yeah.

EMMA: Yummy.  More please.

ME: Sam, you’ve got to try it.  Everyone’s saying, ‘yummy, more please.’

LAUREN: Yummy, more please.  Yummy, more please. [sing-song]

ME: Sam, everyone’s saying, ‘yummy, more please.’  Can you believe that?

LAUREN: More please.

EMMA: Yummy.

ME: Sam, want to try what everyone’s saying, ‘yummy, more please’ to?

LAUREN: More please.

[Sam tasting]

ME: Good, right?  What do you think, Sam? Do you want more?

LAUREN: Yummy, more please.

SAM: Yeah.

ME: Do you agree, ‘yummy, more please’?

SAM: [nodding head]

ME: Yeah?  There you go.  He nodded.  He said, ‘yes’!

SAM: Or ‘gross, garbage please.’

[everyone laughs]

ME: So what do you guys think?  Do we get Kohlrabi again?  It was kind of amazing, right?

LAUREN: More please.

ME: Sam, you want more too?

SAM: [nods head]

ME: Yeah?  Emma, you want more too? 

SAM: [nods head]

ME: Ok.  Cool.  That was a total success. 


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We’ve had so many guests in recent weeks that it feels empty at the lake when they leave.

But when I think about why we left the city for the summer, it’s for these moments. The quiet moments. The days that actually let you unwind.

The days when you get to explore new places…

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…stroll with the dog…


And watch the sunset from a new vantage point…

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I love the solitude that comes with these quiet moments. Life becomes less frenzied, giving us time to pause and appreciate the little things; puddles…


…a dog under the covers…

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I bought some sunflower micro greens at the store recently and was impressed by how much the greens really do taste like sunflower seeds. If you dug around a little in the greens, you could also find tiny premature black seeds that were starting to develop. I thought the kids would love these greens, but sometimes you just pick the wrong time for trying new foods. It happens, maybe we’ll try them again together, because, I, for one, loved them.

ME: Ok, this mystery food….Who can tell me what this? I don’t know if you’re going to be able to guess. Here you can all have one. There’s one for Lauren, one for Emma, and one for Sam.   Ok, what is this called; do you know?

KIDS: Um….

LAUREN: I want to do that one (points to another bowl)

ME: That’s called Quinoa. And we’re not doing it as a mystery food because it’s a grain and we usually do vegetables and fruits — but you can definitely have it for dinner though.

ME: Ok, what does it smell like? Does it smell like anything you know?


ME: Because you actually know it in a different form.

SAM: It looks like peaches.

ME: These are actually called microgreens, like the very first sprouts of a plant. Can you figure out what plant it is? Let’s see if we can find any of its seeds so that you can guess. So what do you guys have to say?

LAUREN: Hi. My name’s Lauren.

ME: Stop [laughing].

ME: Ok, these are actually sunflower shoots; sunflower microgreens. Do you like them?

LAUREN: (tasting) Kind of.

ME: They’re good, right? Sam, do you want to try it?

SAM: I don’t want to try it.

ME: They taste like sunflower seeds. Isn’t that cool? You want more?

LAUREN: No. No, no, no, no.

ME: Why don’t you want more?

EMMA: I don’t like them.

ME: Ok. Why don’t you like them?

EMMA: I love it.

ME: Oh, you love it now? Good, here’s another.

LAUREN: Ok. may I be excused?

ME: Not yet, we’re not done guys, we’re not done exploring. I think these leaves are really good. They kind of taste a little buttery to me. Do they taste buttery to you?

LAUREN: That’s why I don’t like it.

SAM: May I be excused too?



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Our first week at the lake has come and gone, but it was an event-filled week with our good friends visiting from San Francisco for the 4th.

I’ll keep the talking to a minimum this week because there are lots of pictures to share.

Starting with our last day in New York…Fearing a summer without museums, we spent our last day at The Met followed by a walk through Central Park….

central park_FeedMeDearly

The next morning, we packed our bags, and set off on our 2-month journey…


It’s good to be here. No unpacking, no rush. Just time to settle into a summer full of lawn sprinklers and impromptu dances…

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